Real Estate Agents in Southern California! 10 reasons why you will want to recommend Open Air Homes to your clients.


By: Brad Greiner, CEO of Open Air Homes and OpenAiRE Brokerage

August 9, 2022

Reason 1: We are the go-to solution when your clients ask you about finding them a 1-4 month rental. 

Adorable bedroom at Thoughtful Design – Designer Home with pool in PS

According to an article by NBC News, Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky is quoted saying stays of 28 nights, or more have become Airbnb’s fastest growing type of bookings. These stays attract a wide variety of travelers, including your clients, who might be reaching out to you in hopes of helping them find a home for 1-4 months. These 1-4 month rentals can be a challenge to find. Whether their home is undergoing construction, or they are visiting Southern California for an extended period of time, this is the perfect opportunity to work with us. Sure, you want to support your client and find them a great home, but there is relatively low inventory for these types of rentals on the MLS or Zillow. That’s where we come in

Reason 2: We are dedicated to supporting you and your clients every step of the way.

One of the main priorities of a successful Real Estate Agent is to support your client in every way possible. Your clients, more than ever, are buying vacation homes with the goal in mind of living there part of the year and monetizing it the remainder of the year, thanks to the popularity of sites like Airbnb.  

Many short term rental management companies will prevent their clients from using their homes at specific times. Open Air Homes caters to the clientele who have a goal of building a large real estate portfolio in the cities they want to visit. We understand that the pipe dream for these individuals is to own beautiful homes in a number of places they like to spend time, use their home, and then monetize it the remainder of the year.  

At Open Air Homes, we specialize in extended stay rentals over 31 nights, but we also have a short term rental division to cater to guests staying for shorter periods of time. We can help you help your clients pick the best home to monetize by putting together vacation rental comps for them and you to reference when deciding on a home.

Reason 3: Your clients will buy more investment properties.  

Home exterior of Thoughtful Design – Family Home, Heart of Redondo 

Oftentimes, our clients choose to buy second or third investment properties after seeing the ease at which we work and the returns on their investment.  The clients you initially referred to us will remain your clients as we encourage them to continue working with you in future transactions. 

Reason 4: The guests in our homes are often looking to purchase. 

Bright living room at Thoughtful Design – Architectural Digest Home

Oftentimes, your clients will get a hotel room for a day or two to see as many properties as possible, before heading home.  An alternative suggestion for them would be to rent a home of ours for a few nights in the area they wish to live, making it easier to not only see properties in the area, and get a sense of the neighborhood but also feel like a local. 

On the other hand, some prospective buyers will book multiple months in a row at different properties so they can fully immerse themselves in a community before they purchase. Our homes are set up to cater towards both demographics of long and short term stays and ease in the hectic transitions that can accompany a move

Regardless of their length of stay, we strive to make them feel like a local. We share our favorite restaurants and activities in the area through custom Guidebooks we created for each and every home we manage. We will partner with you to ensure they have a great stay, and are more encouraged than ever to buy. 

Reason 5:  We are building a clientele of real estate investors interested in the short term rental industry. 

Do you have a home that was a former vacation rental for sale?  Please reach out to us.  We often have existing clients looking to build their portfolio of homes, and are always looking to expand their portfolio.  

If you believe the home you have for sale would work very well as a short term rental property, we would love to know about it. Shoot us the info here.  

Reason 6: 1031 Exchanges – Come to us! 

We have a number of homeowner partners that have a portfolio managed by us.  We often know that they would be open to selling if the right offer came along.  

If you have a client with a 1031 deadline approaching and are looking for an investment property, we can help.  

Reason 7: We know the Short Term Rental Regulations in Southern California and we can help guide your clients through the options. 

Each city in Southern California has its own set of regulations regarding short term rentals and they are changing all the time.  At Open Air Homes, we can guide your client to make the best decision for themselves.  Do they want to declare the home their primary residence, or do they need to stick to 30 day rentals only?  We can help guide them through the entire process. 

Reason 8: Our design team can guide your client towards making key decisions to increase the desirability of their home. 

We started with a simple premise: Design homes exceptionally well and people will notice, leading to higher occupancy rates and higher nightly rates.  

The short term rental industry now has a lot of supply – specifically mediocre supply and a very limited number of truly incredible homes.  From amenities to enhancements to linens to fully stocked kitchens, we partner with your client to ensure they receive five stars from each and every guest in their home. 

We are in a review-driven and algorithm-lead industry, and to stand out to be successful, properties need to be fully realized vacation homes with a cohesive design.  We work with your client to design a home to cater to the WFH crowd or generational family groups, not party groups.  Our goal is to protect the asset of your client, and that starts with how we design and market the home, to cater to the right clientele. 

We have partnered with a leading interior design firm, Interior Particulier, who has designed tremendously successful short term rentals for our clients.  They handle the design and set up from start to finish, covering not only design but kitchen set up and amenities. 

Reason 9: We know the market. 

Outdoor hammock swing bed at Thoughtful Design – Bungalow with private yard

The short term and extended stay market is continually changing. Our team stays on top of the industry to ensure we can continue to fill our homes with respectful guests, at top dollar. 

While we primarily focus on the management of homes in the $10,000 – $25,000 a month range, we are mostly interested in managing homes that provide the highest level experience for our guests.  We often take on management of well appointed one bedroom homes at lower prices, if we can be assured that guests in the home will be happy. 

Reason 10: We are serious about our partnership with Real Estate agents. 

When you trust Open Air Homes with the management and monetization of your client’s property, this client remains your real estate client. We value the introduction, and we work closely with you to ensure we can develop a partnership into the future. 

If you have a listing and want to get vacation rental comps to have ready at your open houses or to give to potential buyers to help you sell it, we got you! Take a moment to fill this out and we will send it over to you shortly.

Please reach out to discuss developing a deeper partnership with us.  We would love to become your go-to source for introducing your clients to us for short or long term vacation rental management. 



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