About Us

Based in Los Angeles and Palm Springs, we are design-focused, comfort obsessed, and hospitality-driven. We believe that a high-end rental experience starts with having the amenities of a hotel, but with all the conveniences of a home. Our focus on the indoor-outdoor California lifestyle through impeccably designed spaces is what first set us apart, and continues to differentiate us.

Our Values

Open Air Homes is aware of the cultural biases inherent in the rental vacation market. We never discriminate on the basis of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability, age, veteran status, or national origin. We believe that a diverse and thriving community has a mixture of homeowners, long term renters, short term renters, high and low-end hotels, hostels, and various other housing options. We are committed to being transparent in who we are and what we are about as a brand, motivating us to respond to guests’ needs and neighbors’ concerns quickly.

Brad Greiner​

Founder of OAH

Brad has been focused on the evolution of the short-term rental industry since 2012. As a homeowner first,
he learned the industry through hands-on experience and relates to every homeowner partner through that prism.
Pushing the industry to adopt a set of best practices since 2012, he is a vocal proponent of the need to create common sense industry standards that will not only keep short-term rentals legal, but allow the industry to thrive.

Brad is passionate about the intersection of real estate, design and short-term rentals, and is in development on multiple exciting projects through inspiring architects
and interior designers. With his unique perspective of the short-term rental industry, he is now bringing his focus
to real estate. Brad believes there can be a better option to buying and selling homes, and aims to introduce these ideas through OpenAiRE.