Core Values

1. We value equality

Open Air Homes is hyper-aware of the cultural biases inherent in the rental vacation market. We never discriminate on the basis of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability, age, veteran status, or national origin at any time.

2. We value being good neighbors

We are committed to transparency and live communication. We are committed to responding to guest and neighbor’s needs and concerns in real-time. We take pride in being good neighbors. Open Air Homes does not disrupt communities, we fit in.

3. We value a diverse community

We believe that no tenant should ever be evicted to convert a long term rental into a short term rental. We are committed to realizing this value by never managing homes that have had evicted tenants in order to rent short term.

We believe that a diverse and thriving community has a mixture of homeowners, long term renters, short term renters, high and low-end hotels, hostels, among other housing options.

4. We value paying fair wages

We pay all our cleaners, maintenance people, gardeners, and contract workers fair livable wages. We are proud to have employees who have been with our company for 8+ years and we demonstrate our appreciation by always working with fair pay contracts.

5. We value sustainability

We expect our homeowners to commit to moving towards sustainable practices. We only partner with homeowners that move towards solar, energy-efficient appliances, and other ways to reduce the footprint of our homes.

6. We value personal responsibility

We have always paid our fair share of transient occupancy taxes and property taxes on our homes. This hotel tax money goes to the betterment of the community. Paying our fair share of property taxes allows the communities in which we operate to thrive. We are proud to pay our fair share of taxes. The cities we operate in rely on these taxes and the members of the community see direct results of this tax money.

7. We value respect

The instant book feature that every booking platform is strongly promoting can lead to bad actors booking homes in the communities we love. As a response, we turn off instant booking in all of our homes. We value respectful guests above profits.

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