Providing incredible experiences for 8 years through world-class hospitality, design, and guest support.

Good Neighbors Booking

We manage the entire booking process, ensuring guests have all the information they need to enjoy a hassle free experience.

Premium Amenities

While every home in our portfolio is inherently unique, an elevated set of standardized amenities is what connects our homes to our brand and provides an additional level of comfort for our guests.

24/7 Communication And Support

Our 24/7 live chat will always be available for any questions, concerns or needs throughout your stay.

Curated Local Experiences

Southern California is our home, so we’ve had some time to build a curated list of some of our favorite activities which we would like to share with you.

Enhance Your

Concierge Services

Craving an in-home massage after your travel day, or a stunning catered dinner for visiting friends? Our team can provide a qualified vendor list to make your experience everything you hoped for.

Open Air Design

We see design as a means through which guests can have it all: the sophistication of a 5-star hotel and the conveniences of a home. Our designers are experts at identifying what guests want and carefully selecting products that will create the ultimate guest experience.

A Note From Our Guest

“The design of a home is what draws you in, but the functionality of those design features is what keeps you there. Open Air Design truly imbued this home with everything a guest could want and everything we didn’t even think we needed.”

List Your Home With Open Air Homes

Our full-service property management system alleviates the stress of managing your own short-term rental. Our goal is to give you back the thing that matters most: your time.