Early Lessons Learned From Shooting Spatial 3D Home Tours for The Apple Vision Pro

By: Brad Greiner, CEO of Open Air Homes and OpenAIRE Brokerage

March 13, 2024

At Open Air Homes, our commitment to innovation and technology continually propels us into exciting new territories. Recently, I tested the Apple Vision Pro at the Apple store, and while it does have a lot of work to go before these devices are widely used, I completely understand Apple’s vision for the future of spatial computing.

As such, I wanted to begin to shoot spatial 3D videos of some of our exquisite properties using a combination of the Apple Vision Pro and the iPhone 15 with a DJI stabilizer. This venture into the realm of advanced visual storytelling allowed us to capture the essence of our homes in a way that traditional photography simply cannot match. However, pioneering new technology comes with its own set of challenges and learnings.

The Initial Experiment

I selected four of our stunning properties for the initial shoot: two nestled in the natural beauty of Topanga and two in the vibrant Venice Beach area. The experience of shooting with the Apple Vision Pro was enlightening, to say the least. While the visuals were captivating, I quickly realized the importance of controlling my breathing and movements. These first few videos have me convinced I am a mouth breather, and with the volume on, all I hear is breathwork.  The immersive nature of spatial 3D video means that every shake of the head or heavy breath can impact the viewer’s experience.

Refining the Approach

Recognizing the limitations encountered in the first round, I decided to adapt my strategy. For the second set of shoots, I relied on the iPhone 15, coupled with a DJI stabilizer, to achieve more stable and visually appealing results. 

Adding another layer to the ambiance, I chose to accompany the visuals with music from Lana Del Rey, whose soulful tunes perfectly complement the Southern California vibe of our homes. However, the absence of user-friendly 3D video editing tools posed a challenge. Any soundtrack additions had to be made in real-time, highlighting the need for advancements in post-production capabilities for spatial 3D content.

Shooting in landscape mode, I captured three more homes.  To view in high quality, until youtube supports Spatial 3D, you will need to download.  The trials and tribulations of being a trailblazer!:

The Future of Real Estate Visuals

  1. Our Silver Triangle Home in Venice Beach in Spatial 3D: A magnificent 4-bedroom home where the focus was on showcasing the seamless indoor-outdoor living spaces. Designed by Interior Particulier. Book here.

  2. Ocotillo in Palm Springs in Spatial 3D: This spacious 5-bedroom abode is a haven for families. Time constraints meant the shoot was brief, but a more detailed follow-up session is planned. Also designed by Interior Particulier. Book here.

  3. Monterey Manor in Palm Springs in Spatial 3D: Here, the home’s theme song, “Wait a Minute” by Willow, set a vibrant tone. The addition of colorful details and fresh oranges created a lived-in, inviting atmosphere. Book here.

    Monterey Manor by Open Air Homes

These forays into spatial 3D video shooting with the Apple Vision Pro and iPhone 15 have opened up new vistas for how we present our properties. While current technology limitations, such as the lack of support for 3D spatial videos on platforms like YouTube and the scarcity of accessible editing software, present hurdles, they also offer a glimpse into the future of real estate marketing. 

You can very easily envision a world in the near future where a forward thinking real estate agent shoots spatial 3D videos of 10 homes, flies in to meet with her busy client, and they decide on the spot which home is the right fit. 

As CEO of Open Air Homes, I am privileged to lead a team both here and at OpenAiRE Brokerage  that embraces innovation, enabling us to remain at the forefront of technological advancements in our industry. The journey into spatial 3D video is just beginning, and we are excited about the possibilities it holds for enhancing how we showcase the beauty and meticulous care that goes into each of our rental properties and homes for sale through OpenAiRE.

To our future guests, we invite you to experience our homes through this new lens. Whether you have access to an Apple Vision Pro or prefer to view our content the old-fashioned way, we guarantee that what you see will resonate with the attention to detail and love we pour into every space.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to explore and integrate cutting-edge technologies to bring the unique charm of our homes closer to you. At Open Air Homes, the future is an open book filled with endless possibilities, and we’re just getting started on this exciting chapter.

Discover the 3D Spatial Videos of Our Homes

For those with an Apple Vision Pro, prepare for a truly immersive experience. And for those without, rest assured, the beauty of our properties shines through in any format, but is best experienced in real life when you treat yourself to a vacation in one of our homes

This is just the beginning of Spatial 3D videos for us, and our goal is that over the coming year we will be able to show you more and more of our beautiful homes, captured in 3D, so you can truly imagine what your experience in our homes will be prior to booking.



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