Listing Your Home
With Open Air Homes

We are not interested in being the largest
rental company, but the best rental company.

Services For

Good Neighbors Booking

Let Open Air Homes alleviate the stress of home management from beginning to end. We vet every guest and require them to sign our Good Neighbor Pledge, while also keeping our online calendar flexible so you can easily reserve an unlimited number of days in your home.

Complimentary Consultation

Our property inspectors will offer suggested improvements to your home to ensure it has everything a guest could want or need during their stay.

Dynamic Pricing

We use dynamic pricing tools, similar to hotels, that continuously analyze travel trends and neighboring rental price points. This data allows us to competitively adjust a home’s nightly rate so you get the highest revenue possible per month.

24/4 Comms And Support

Our highly-trained Comms team is always standing-by and ready to address any concerns in real time, whether related to guests, neighbors, or the property itself.

An Enhanced
Homeowner Experience

Maintenance Program

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Not only are we always keeping an eye on your property, we also have a team of maintenance workers ready to make a repair at any moment.


Proper sanitization matters more than ever. Ensuring that a home is diligently cleaned prior to every stay is something we and our incredible team of cleaners take very seriously.


The management fee for your home is tailored to your specific needs and varies based on several factors. We take into account the annual rental duration, price point, location, and length of stay requirements to craft a commission split that benefits both parties. We welcome the opportunity to discuss this in more detail with you.

Higher Occupancy + Adjustable Rates

More Stays In
Your Home

Our specialized services will elevate your home so you receive the highest possible return on investment.

Get Ready To list

We dedicate ourselves to curating an image of your home that will attract quality guests by infusing elevated design and superior marketing strategies.

"Sincerity, serenity, and creativity is our main plank so we deliver the best. Creativity well designed and simplified"

Photo Shoot

Photos of your home will be your most valuable asset for success. Our imagery goes beyond typical real estate photography: instead of simply showcasing the interior of a home, we paint a picture of what life could look like within.

Video Trailer

Allow potential guests to visualize themselves in your home and experience each key feature through an inspiring, beautifully-designed video tour.


We accentuate the character of every home we manage to highlight their one-of-a-kind feel, while connecting them to the Southern California lifestyle we are known for – a concept that is recognizable around the world.

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