Property Management Success in 6 Steps


Open Air Homes has a simple, 6 step process to prepare your home to succeed as a short-term rental or monthly rental in Southern California.  We have helped over 50 homeowners monetize their property while maintaining the property as a proper home they can use when they want. 

Our 6 step process for your home is simple.  We help you Analyze, Design, Onboard, Market, Monetize, and Maintain your home to achieve success in a highly competitive market. 

We have expanded on these 6 steps for you to get a better understanding of what makes a successful short-term rental and whether partnering with Open Air Homes is right for you and your home.   In the following 6 blog posts, you will learn how we work to determine if your home is set up for long-term success, how Open Air Homes approaches property management, and the necessary steps to make any home a successful short-term rental.

Our goal is to help homeowners like you decide if renting your home would be a worthwhile and profitable endeavor, and clearly lay out the steps needed to make your rental successful.

Not every home is initially set up to succeed, but we are here to help you through the process so that you can achieve a higher occupancy rate, happier guests, and better returns on your investment property. 

Our 6 blog posts can be found below and should serve as a helpful guide as you begin to narrow down your search for the right property management company to partner with.

1. Analyzing Your Home

It all starts with a phone call, or email. In this step we estimate rental earnings potential and provide advice to earn you the most money possible.

2. Designing Your Home

In an industry with a lot of competition, desirability is the most important factor to keep in mind when renting your home. The more cohesive the design, the more desirable.

3. Onboarding Your Home

Our Onboarding Team will also work closely with you to set you up for success. Our goal is to have 5 star reviews from the first guest onward.

4. Marketing Your Home

The Reservations Team will put together a marketing strategy for your review on how we can garner the most attention possible for your property.

5. Monetizing Your Home

Sit back, relax, and let us handle everything related to the guest experience. You will receive a monthly disbursement for the guests that stayed in your home the previous month.

6. Maintaining Your Home

The proper maintenance of your home ensures that all guests are happy with their experience in your home. Open Air Homes facilitates the maintenance of your home at every step of the way.



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