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Airbnb Automation: Elevate Your Vacation Rental with These 2 Techniques


Streamline Short-Term Rental Management and Guest Experience with Airbnb Automation

February 8, 2023

As a vacation rental or Airbnb host, your goal is to provide guests with a seamless and stress-free experience. However, managing a short-term rental property can be time-consuming and labor-intensive, especially if you have multiple properties or a high volume of guests. Implementing Airbnb automation tools can help ease your workload and enhance the guest experience.

In this blog post, we’ll deep-dive into two of our favorite ways to automate the Airbnb guest experience: keyless entry with smart locks and remote management.

1. Keyless Entry + Smart Locks

Keyless entry and smart locks add a modern touch to Airbnbs – along with extra security and peace of mind.
Ocotillo by Open Air Homes

While we at Open Air Homes choose to forgo self-check-in, we are fans of utilizing smart locks for keyless self-entry. As a luxury short-term rental manager, we provide white-glove service and “unreasonable hospitality.” That means we greet guests in person, provide tours and answer any questions guests may have during the check-in process. Once we’ve assisted with check-in, guests are free to enter and exit the property with peace of mind – and that includes smart locks. 

This method of entry can be automated with technology, such as keyless entry systems, digital lockboxes, or smartphone apps.

What are the Benefits of Smart Locks & Keyless Entry?

  • Stress-free entry: Guests can enjoy their vacations without keeping track of keys or fobs.
  • Increased security: With smart locks, you can monitor who is entering and exiting your property, ensuring that only authorized individuals have access.
  • Convenience: Guests can enter their vacation rental via smartphone – something they always have in their possession.
  • Increased guest satisfaction: By providing a convenient and seamless check-in process, you can increase your guests’ overall satisfaction with their stay. Increased satisfaction equals rave reviews, more bookings, and a successful vacation rental property!

How Should Airbnb Hosts Implement Keyless Entry?

  • Provide clear instructions: Be sure to provide guests with clear instructions on how to use the smart locks. This could be a step-by-step guide, video tutorial, or a detailed walk-through during check-in.
  • Test the technology: Before your guests arrive, test your smart lock to ensure it’s working properly and that you understand how it works.
  • Choose the right technology: There are many keyless entry systems, digital lockboxes, and smartphone apps available on the market, so it’s essential to choose the one that best fits your needs. Our top three preferred smart locks are Yale Lock with Google Nest Connect, Schlage Connect, and August Smart Lock + Wifi Bridge
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2. Remote Management

Remote Airbnb management gives hosts the freedom to travel and enjoy the passive income from operating a vacation rental property.
On The Rocks by Open Air Homes

What is Remote Airbnb Management?

Remote management is the ability to manage your Airbnb or vacation rental from a remote location using technology such as a smartphone app or web-based platform. With remote management, you can handle tasks like managing bookings, communicating with guests, and monitoring property access, all from one central location.

What are the Benefits of Remote Airbnb Management?

  • Increased efficiency: By streamlining your Airbnb management tasks, you can save time and reduce the workload associated with managing your vacation rental.
  • Improved guest communication: With remote management, you can communicate with guests in real-time, providing them with a more responsive and personalized experience.
  • Increased security: With remote management, you can monitor property access and receive alerts for any security issues.

How to Manage Your Airbnb Remotely

  • Choose the right platform: There are many remote management platforms available on the market, so it’s essential to choose the one that best fits your needs.
  • Provide training: Be sure to provide yourself and your team with training on how to use the remote management platform to ensure maximum efficiency.

Luxury Vacation Rental & Airbnb Management in Southern California 

Sunsplash by Open Air Homes – Palm Springs, California

Are you looking to launch a successful Airbnb property in Southern California? Look no further than Open Air Homes

Experience the best of luxury short-term rental management. Elevate guest experience and maximize your return on investment with our expertly-chosen Airbnb automation solutions. Our white-glove service, combined with state-of-the-art technology delivers an unparalleled experience for hosts and guests.

Trust Open Air Homes to elevate your vacation rental to new heights. 

Contact us now to learn more about our exclusive Airbnb automation solutions and experience the ultimate in luxury short-term rental management.



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