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The Evolution of Work: Navigating the Remote Era and Where We Go From Here

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Remote work is now a lifestyle. Reversing this trend may be more challenging than companies anticipate.

By: Brad Greiner, CEO of Open Air Homes and OpenAiRE Brokerage

July 31, 2023

Our world is evolving rapidly, and with it, the very concept of work. Over the past few years, the flexibility of work locations has increased exponentially. Employees now have the freedom to work from practically anywhere, a shift further emphasized by the pandemic and the widespread adoption of remote work arrangements. For seven years, Open Air Homes has been catering to this trend, offering a range of month-plus rentals in various price brackets.

Large companies may find it challenging to reverse this trend. Companies perceived as outdated may struggle to attract top-tier talent – a stark reminder of the plight of organizations like Sears.

Traditional Companies Vs. Modern Enterprises: The Battle for Talent

This transformative era presents a dichotomy. Companies like Airbnb are pioneering the “work from anywhere” model. Conversely, traditional giants like Apple and Merck aim to reinstate the pre-pandemic norm, mandating employees return to the office.

According to AJ Hess from Fast Company, three years ago, Airbnb closed its offices due to the pandemic. After two years of remote work, which they described as “the most productive two-year period in our history,” Airbnb announced a “Live and Work Anywhere” policy. This innovative plan allows the majority of its 6,800-plus employees to live and work in over 170 countries for up to 90 days a year, maintains the work-from-home option, and provides a $500 allowance for worker travel. 

Airbnb’s policy also encompasses redesigning its offices, setting country-specific salary bands, and coordinating quarterly in-person team meetings. Since the pandemic, Airbnb has begun to modify most of its largest offices, including those in San Francisco, Seattle, Berlin, and Dublin, to better align with this policy.

On the other hand, employees relish the freedom that remote work provides, often choosing to rent homes in places like Los Angeles, Venice Beach, or Palm Springs, escaping the conventional office. The challenge lies in achieving the right balance.

At Open Air Homes, we suggest that a rigid enforcement of a return-to-office policy risks alienating a younger segment of the workforce. These individuals may prefer modern, progressive organizations offering primarily remote work arrangements, reserving in-person interactions for occasional team gatherings.

The Double-Edged Sword of Remote Work: Increased Productivity at What Cost?

Remote work has brought an unexpected advantage to many businesses: a significant rise in productivity. Enabled by AI and digital tools, employees have managed to thrive outside traditional office spaces. They can efficiently handle tasks, adopt flexible roles, and respond to challenges with resilience, all from home.

However, it’s not all positive. The decline of creative collaboration and the intensifying loneliness epidemic are concerning side-effects of remote work. The once spontaneous idea exchanges at the office water cooler are fewer and farther between, while isolation can impact mental health.  This will need to be an area of intense focus over the next 10 years by us all and by entrepreneurs, to begin to think about how cities and spaces are designed that encourage us all to meet up in person, spark conversation, and build stronger bonds. 

Despite these challenges, the productivity gains are substantial and not to be overlooked. The focus should not be a complete return to traditional office work but finding a balance that maximizes productivity without compromising creativity and social wellbeing. Open Air Homes is committed to exploring this balance, offering unique solutions to redefine work-life balance and combat the isolation often associated with remote work.

Open Air Homes: A Partner in the New Work Era

Open Air Homes is a pivotal supporter of the remote work revolution, offering guests a change of scenery and the opportunity to fully experience the freedom and flexibility of remote work. We aim to provide an environment where guests can focus on their work when necessary and explore the stunning Southern California landscape in their free time.

We encourage companies to leverage the remote work trend, offering their employees an environment that fosters both productivity and wellbeing. By catering to the evolving needs of the modern workforce, Open Air Homes is ushering in a new era of work. As the future unfolds, we are here to provide flexible solutions for companies navigating the balance between remote and in-person work.

Open Air Homes believes in the transformative power of change and the opportunities it presents. Join us in exploring these opportunities and discovering the potential of the new work era.



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