Embrace Los Angeles’ Best Kept Secret: September Is The Best Time To Visit

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July 31, 2023

The Allure of Summer in Los Angeles

For many, the sun-drenched days and balmy evenings of July and August epitomize the quintessential Los Angeles summer. The gorgeous beach weather beckons tourists from around the globe, luring them to the city’s famous coastal stretches. The vibe is electric, the city buzzes with activity, and the beaches, from Venice to Malibu, are filled with life.

Yet, as vibrant as these summer months are, they also bring immense crowds. At Open Air Homes, we want to share a well-guarded local secret. While the traditional summer months may be the popular choice, the true magic of Los Angeles’ summer weather unfurls in September.

As of today, August 1st, we still have a number of great properties available for rent to take in the warm second summer air of September, so please contact us (add contact link) to find the perfect option for you and your family or group.

L.A.’s Second Summer: The Enchanting Spell of September

In Los Angeles, September is known as the ‘Second Summer’. This month brings with it an extended summer experience that rivals, if not surpasses, the traditional June to August period. It’s an unexpected gem, providing idealistic conditions that make it the optimal time to experience the city in all its sunny glory.

The crowds of tourists have receded, leaving the beaches spacious and tranquil. The weather retains its summer charm, often with perfect heat that lingers long into the evening. It’s not uncommon to find locals and clued-up visitors taking a sunset swim, reveling in the warmer waters and serenely beautiful surroundings. This idyllic scene is a testament to the unique allure of Los Angeles in September.

The Role of Climate Change

While the charms of September in Los Angeles are undeniable, it’s important to acknowledge the role of climate change in these changing weather patterns. Over the past decade, Los Angeles has experienced an extension of its summer conditions into September, a phenomenon attributed to global warming.

While the effects of climate change are far from ideal, they have inadvertently contributed to creating some of the most exceptional weather conditions Los Angeles has seen in recent years. However, it’s a reminder of the need for sustained environmental consciousness and action, even as we enjoy the unexpected benefits.

Explore L.A.’s Beaches in September

Los Angeles is a city of varied and diverse beaches, each offering a unique experience. The reduced September crowds provide the perfect opportunity to explore these coastal treasures.

Venice Beach: A Haven for Creatives and Bohemians

Renowned for its vibrant boardwalk and eclectic mix of street performers, Venice Beach is a bohemian paradise. The laid-back vibe and colorful murals create an atmosphere that sparks creativity and fosters free expression.

Santa Monica Beach: Family-Friendly Fun and Iconic Sights

For a classic L.A. beach experience, head to Santa Monica Beach. Here, you’ll find the famous Santa Monica Pier and the bustling outdoor gym, home to an array of athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Rialto By Open Air Homes

Malibu: Breathe in the Relaxed Coastal Lifestyle

If tranquility is what you’re after, Malibu is the perfect destination. Renowned for its stunning coastline and laid-back culture, Malibu is the ideal place to unwind. Enjoy good food, breathtaking sunsets, and a slower pace of life.

South Bay By Open Air Homes

Redondo Beach: Perfect for a Family Getaway

Redondo Beach offers a family-friendly vacation spot. With a plethora of recreational activities and picturesque coastal views, it’s a popular choice for those looking to enjoy a relaxing and fun-filled stay.

Long Beach: A Family Treasure Trove

Nestled between Orange County and Los Angeles, Long Beach is a lesser-known gem that’s perfect for families. With its lively aquarium, kid-friendly museums, and the historic Queen Mary ship, it’s brimming with educational and fun-filled activities for the entire family. The sandy beaches provide plenty of space for sandcastles, picnics, and beach games. With a welcoming community and a variety of entertainment options, Long Beach promises a memorable family vacation in September’s gentle warmth.

Manhattan Beach: An Athlete’s Paradise

Manhattan Beach is the place to be for the active and adventurous. This lively beach is known for sports such as beach volleyball and biking, attracting a vibrant community of athletes and outdoor enthusiasts.

The Perfect Time to Visit is Now

As locals, we at Open Air Homes have always cherished Los Angeles’ ‘Second Summer’. Now, we’re sharing this secret with you. Visit in September and experience the magic of L.A.’s extended summer days, undisturbed by large crowds and bask in the delightful climate that recent years have blessed us with. Explore our city’s diverse beaches, each offering a unique charm, and discover your favorite. The perfect time to visit Los Angeles is now. Uncover the joys of September and create unforgettable memories.



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