Unveiling the Open Air Homes Experience: Stories of the 20 most recent Delighted Guests


July 7, 2023

At Open Air Homes, we believe in creating extraordinary experiences for our guests. As a premier luxury short-term rental company, our commitment to providing exceptional accommodations and impeccable service is reflected in the glowing reviews we receive from our delighted guests. We invite you to step into their stories and get a glimpse of the remarkable experiences that await you when you choose Open Air Homes for your next vacation.  

Aline’s Tranquil Retreat:

Aline discovered a hidden gem at Hillside Hideaway Guest House. She describes her stay as “très belle,” emphasizing the cleanliness, warmth, and serenity of the place. At Open Air Homes, we take pride in delivering properties that match the photos and exceed expectations. Aline’s experience highlights our dedication to creating a peaceful haven for our guests.

Daniel’s Exceptional Welcome:

Daniel had special requirements upon his arrival, and the Open Air Staff went above and beyond to accommodate him. Daniel’s stay at the Charming Walk Street Hideaway was made exceptional by our friendly and accommodating welcome. At Open Air Homes, we understand that personalized service can make all the difference, and we strive to ensure every guest feels valued and well taken care of.

Kevin’s Business Oasis:

When Kevin and his team embarked on a business trip, they discovered a beautiful home at a great location. The spacious and modern South Bay home provided them with a comfortable and productive environment. Kevin appreciated our attention to detail, from the flawless functionality of the house to its reasonable price. Our commitment to maintaining high-quality properties ensures that business travelers like Kevin can focus on their work while enjoying the convenience of nearby amenities.

Lindsay’s Charming Getaway:

For Lindsay, the Hillside Hideaway Guest House was not only charming but also exceeded her expectations. She fell in love with the place, finding it even cuter than the photos portrayed. At Open Air Homes, we take pride in curating homes that capture the imagination and create lasting memories. Lindsay’s review reflects our commitment to providing accommodations that truly enchant our guests.

These are just a few of the many stories of satisfied guests who have experienced the magic of Open Air Homes. Nick appreciated the ease of check-in, Alexander adored the Westminster bungalow’s design and Decor, and Stephanie found our location perfect for exploring the area. The reviews go on, with guests like Gabriel relishing the fantastic Airbnb experience and Terrease highly recommending our spacious and beautiful homes.

At Open Air Homes, our success lies in the happiness and satisfaction of our guests. We strive to create exceptional spaces where families can bond, couples can rejuvenate, and business travelers can thrive. From stunning views and well-stocked kitchens to seamless check-ins and responsive communication, we prioritize every detail to ensure your stay exceeds expectations.

We invite you to embark on your own Open Air Homes experience and discover why our guests rave about their stays. Unveil the magic of luxury short-term rentals with us and create unforgettable memories that will linger long after you’ve left.



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