The Best Blackout Curtain Options for Your Short-Term Rental


From Deep Sleep to Stylish Ambience: Navigating the Importance of Restful Nights and the Ultimate Blackout Curtain Solutions for Your Short-Term Rental Space

By: Brad Greiner, CEO of Open Air Homes and OpenAiRE Brokerage

In the hustle and bustle of traveling, whether for leisure or business, quality sleep becomes paramount. Factors like adjusting to a new time zone, recuperating from a red-eye flight, or re-energizing after a day packed with meetings emphasize the necessity of uninterrupted sleep. Hence, as hosts, it becomes our prime duty to ensure that our guests get the kind of restful sleep they would cherish.

This is where the ambiance of the bedroom, especially in short-term rentals for guests who are new to your home, plays a significant role. One of the common apprehensions of travelers opting for home rentals over hotels is the assurance of sleep-friendly amenities. Major hotels around the world often invest heavily in blackout curtains to enhance the sleep quality of their guests. Thus, for hosts, not only should these be a part of your rental space, but their presence should also be highlighted in the property listing, supported by clear photos, to reassure potential guests.

Now, let’s delve into why sleep is such a non-negotiable aspect of our health.

Sleep is segmented into different phases: REM (Rapid Eye Movement), deep sleep, and light sleep. Each plays a pivotal role in rejuvenating our minds and bodies.  Travelers are more likely to leave a positive review if they wake up rested in all three of these phases:

  • REM Sleep: This is the phase where dreams come alive. It’s critical for mental rejuvenation and helps in memory consolidation.
  • Deep Sleep: This deep resting stage is essential for physical restoration. This is the time when tissue growth and repair happen.
  • Light Sleep: A transition stage, light sleep acts as a bridge between wakefulness and the profound realms of sleep.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, adults typically require 7-9 hours of sleep per night. While individual needs can vary, the environment that fosters this sleep needs to be consistent in its comfort and tranquility.

Double Blackout – Your Secret Weapon

You’ll find thousands of articles online about how to layer a sheer curtain with a blackout curtain.  We love sheer, but often times we recommend to our homeowner to double down on blackout curtains and install two different kinds. We learned a few years back that every guest has a different tolerance to light, and often began installing double blackout options in our homes to accommodate different tolerances to light and different jet lag schedules. 

Layering two different types of blackout curtains can ensure maximum darkness, acting as a shield against external light. The initial layer could be a more budget-friendly variant, while the latter can serve as a decorative curtain. This not only assures function but can also accentuate the room’s aesthetics.

While it is an additional cost, our guests truly appreciate the ability to have complete darkness, so you may want to select two of the options below, one higher quality and one lower if the first set is not complete blackout.

Our Blackout Curtain Recommendations for Your Short-Term Rental:

  1. Budget-Friendly Solutions from Amazon:

Amazon boasts a range of blackout shades suitable for every pocket. Before making a purchase, always ensure you have your window measurements handy. Opt for shades that incorporate pull strings, offering ease of use, or one that has no string and easily pulls up and down.   We’ve curated a list of some we have used for your reference.

  1. The Versatility of Top-Down/Bottom-Up Shades:

A newer trend that we absolutely adore is the top-down/bottom-up shades. This innovative design allows guests the flexibility to adjust their privacy levels according to their needs. They can pull the shades from the top down for privacy while still enjoying the outside view or draw them from the bottom up, enabling fresh air to circulate if they’ve cracked open a window. These shades offer a unique combination of privacy, light control, and ventilation, making them a must-consider for short-term rentals.

Tip: Venetian blinds are starting to feel outdated, in our opinion.  They also have a higher propensity of breaking when various different guests use them. 

  1. Linen Curtains – The Luxe Yet Functional Choice:

For hosts who wish to meld luxury with functionality, linen curtains emerge as a favored choice. Linen, inherently, carries an air of sophistication. It exudes a natural, earthy aesthetic that adds warmth and texture to interiors. What makes linen curtains particularly sought-after, especially in high-end rentals, is their dual advantage:

Linen curtains, with their slightly coarse yet organic texture, resonate luxury. When guests enter a room adorned with linen drapes, the space immediately feels elevated, sophisticated, and well-curated.

While linen might seem semi-sheer at first glance, they often come with a lining that enhances their blackout capabilities. This ensures that while the curtains enrich the room’s aesthetics, they don’t compromise on their primary function of blocking out light.

When choosing linen curtains for your rental, ensure you opt for those that come with a good quality lining. Not only will this boost their blackout properties, but a lined curtain also drapes better, adding to the curtain’s overall look.

Tip: We recommend going with a slightly more expensive set if you choose White or Cream curtains: 

  1. Blackout Curtains:

If you’re willing to make a slightly higher investment, the market offers blackout curtains and hardware (of your choosing) that promises style along with functionality.  Remember, some curtains claim they are blackout, but in lighter colors like white and cream, they are oftentimes not lined and do not offer near darkness.  Make sure to check the ones you buy are dark and thick, or are lined in the back. 

Tip: We recommend choosing one with holes at the top for ease of use, or if you’re shopping economically, the Amazonbasics set with the fabric hanging loops also works well and is easy for guests to use. 

  1. The Luxurious Shade Store Experience:

For the aficionados of luxury and convenience, the Shade Store provides an array of remote-controlled blackout shades. Make sure to check the warranty though, and these are prone to break. 

For those who find this option steep, Amazon offers a plethora of remote-controlled blackout variants that promise efficacy without burning a hole in your pocket.

Tip: The motors on the cheaper ones, if buying from Amazon, do not work for very long without a recharge.  Asking your guests to recharge is a hindrance.  We recommend you choose a higher-end model, like one of the two below, and even consider adding a small solar panel to the outside to charge. 

A Good Night Sleep Makes a Happier Guest

To stand out in the highly competitive world of short-term rentals, adding thoughtful touches like blackout curtains can make a world of difference. As you mull over these options, do check out the curated Amazon product links that cater to varied preferences and budgets. Here’s to ensuring your guests enjoy the deepest, most refreshing sleep during their stay!



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