The Ultimate Annual Airbnb Maintenance Checklist


Keep your short-term rental running smoothly all year, and ensure happy and safe guests with this month-by-month checklist.

By: Brad Greiner, CEO of Open Air Homes and OpenAiRE Brokerage

January 2, 2023

Short-term rental properties are smart investments and can be fulfilling and lucrative when operated well. However, it’s critical to perform regular maintenance on your Airbnb to keep it guest-ready (or buyer-ready if it’s on the market), prevent future issues, and minimize wear and tear. This all results in happy guests, rave reviews, and a successful short-term rental.

We at Open Air Homes recommend referring back to this checklist every month–staying diligent drastically reduces the likelihood of issues down the line. 

Why Should Hosts Stay on Top of Airbnb Maintenance?

Skipping important inspections like carbon monoxide and smoke detectors can have grave consequences. Keep guests safe and reduce liability with regular maintenance checks. Whether you host one home or several, hire vendors, or are a DIY-er, this handy list is useful to any Airbnb operator. 

Take a look at our monthly short-term rental maintenance checklist below.

Note: While every task listed is necessary to maintain a healthy home, we encourage owners to tweak frequency and tasks if necessary. As Open Air Homes is based in Southern California, our checklist mainly uses that region as a reference point. 
However, a host in a rainy climate (like Portland or Seattle) may need to inspect rain gutters and downspouts more often than one in, say, Palm Springs or Los Angeles. 
Use this list as a guideline and add as you see fit! 

Open Air Homes’ Annual Airbnb Maintenance Checklist 2023


Marco Place by Open Air Homes

Landscaping – Remove dead branches from shrubs and trees. Remove any dead trees from the property that may cause any issues to your property or surrounding plants. Weed gardens and reseed grass.

Check for pests – Termites, bedbugs, and any other pests that may present a risk. 

Change HVAC & Furnace Filters – This should be done every 3 months and every 2 months if you allow pets. Starting in January is a good reminder.


Painting is a crucial part of Airbnb maintenance that keeps your short-term rental property looking fresh.
Painting is an important aspect of short-term rental maintenance that keeps your property looking fresh.

Painting – Patch up and refresh anything that needs a fresh coat of paint, inside and outside of the home.

Doors – Add a fresh coat of paint, if necessary, along with any desired accents. Oil hinges to ensure doors work correctly and eliminate any squeaking. 


Regular maintenance is crucial for running a successful Airbnb.

Change HVAC & furnace filters now if you allow pets.

Carbon monoxide and smoke detector maintenance – Test and replace the batteries on these important safety devices.

Landscaping – Plant perennials and any other plants for spring. Spruce up the landscaping and add fresh mulch. Finalize an annual contract for landscaping, lawn, and pool care. The beginning of spring is often the best time for this, as many vendors begin running specials.

Roof inspection – Inspect the roof (every six months), checking for leaks and loose shingles.


Clean air and spring cleaning go hand in hand this month. Allergens are in the air, and you’ll want to prepare your home with an HVAC tune-up before temps climb. If you have an outdoor pool, this is a great time to prepare for the swimming season with a routine check-up to ensure all systems are a go.

Change HVAC & Furnace filters now if you don’t allow pets. 

Pool maintenance – Clean filter, remove debris and check pumps and chemical levels. This is also a great time to schedule regular pool maintenance and find a designated vendor. 


Heaven or Palm Springs by Open Air Homes

April showers bring May maintenance to check on your drainage system and prevent water damage to your home. This is also a great time to ensure landscaping is ready for hotter months when you may need to provide irrigation (especially if you’re in a drought-prone region like Southern California).

Sprinklers – Check the sprinkler system and ensure correct coverage and timers.

Refrigeration – Check the refrigerator (test gaskets, clean the condenser coils, and ensure it’s still cooling). If you’re looking to buy a new refrigerator, this is the best time of year to do so. Many appliance companies release new models during the summer and drastically discount current models.

Rain gutters & downspouts – Clean rain gutters post-April showers.

Change HVAC & furnace filters now if you allow pets.


Pest-proof your property  – Schedule regular pest maintenance and check fences for holes. Check for holes or openings indoors. Search for leaky pipes or standing water on the property.

Home exterior – Clean and/or power the wash outside of the house and driveway after April showers.

Concrete – Fill in any holes or cracks in the concrete. Dispose of concrete properly. Do not wash concrete down a sink!


Regular cleanings and maintenance are crucial for running a successful Airbnb.
Regular cleanings and maintenance are crucial for running a successful Airbnb.

Change HVAC & furnace filters now if you don’t allow pets.

Bathroom – Prevent any possibility of mold. Clean grout, freshen caulk, and sealant where necessary. Check for any leaks.

Windows and screen doors – Wash windows and door screens to keep them shining for the remainder of summer.


Shampooing carpet is an important aspect of Airbnb maintenance.

With summer maintenance out of the way and August typically being the hottest month of the year, this is a great time to shift your focus to indoor maintenance and freshen indoor areas for autumn.

Carpets and flooring – Deep clean carpets, either via a professional service or by renting a carpet shampooer. Wax hardwood floors and clean grout in between tiled floors.

Faucets – Replace the washers in the interior and exterior faucets.

Refrigeration – Clean fridge and freezer coils. Change the refrigerator and ice maker water filter.


Rialto by Open Air Homes

Change HVAC & furnace filters now if you allow pets.

Chimney and fireplace annual maintenance – Clean the chimney or hire a chimney sweep.

Roof – Inspect the roof (every six months).

Exhaust fans – Check and clean exhaust fans in every room and check for mold.


Ledgewood by Open Air Homes

Major renovations are best during October.

Labor and building materials are typically the least expensive around October. This is an ideal time to make household updates or renovations to increase the marketability of your short-term rental or Airbnb. Prepare for colder months by ensuring your short-term rental is sealed from water damage and pests.

Change HVAC & furnace filters now if you don’t allow pets.

Replace flooring, countertops, cabinets, doors, etc. if necessary.

Pest control – Have an exterminator spray for pests (especially if you live in a colder region–this is when pests will begin seeking warmth inside!).

Rain gutters & downspouts – Clean rain gutters and downspouts (twice per year).


Change HVAC & furnace filters now if you allow pets.

Heating – Inspect your Airbnb’s furnace and central heating system.

Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors – Test and replace batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors at least twice yearly, and replace any devices over seven years old.

Plumbing – Schedule routine Airbnb maintenance by hiring a plumber to ensure that all pipes, drains, faucets, and more are running efficiently and without risk to your home. This includes preventing any pipes from freezing if your short-term rental is in a colder region.

Landscaping – The time to plant new trees is now, after the leaves have fallen.


Heaven or Palm Springs by Open Air Homes

Lighting – Inspect and clean light fixtures, and change lightbulbs that need replacing (don’t forget the refrigerator and outdoor lights!). Research energy-saving options to reduce energy costs.

Windows – Reseal windows and add weather protection like window film covers to prevent drafts and cut heating costs.

Did we miss anything on this Airbnb maintenance checklist? Comment below or contact us – we love to hear your thoughts, so we can continuously improve our service! 

Dependable vendors and regular maintenance are arguably the single most important investments when entering the short-term rental sector. There’s no shortcut to operating a successful and safe Airbnb – skipping important inspections for things like carbon monoxide and smoke detectors can have grave consequences. 

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Our extensive network of reliable vendors ensures that our portfolio of luxury homes stays in perfect working order. 

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