Ten Years at the Top: The Open Air Homes Formula for 10 Years of Consistent 5-Star Ratings on Airbnb

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By: Brad Greiner, CEO of Open Air Homes and OpenAiRE Brokerage

Earning Our Stars: From Genuine Interactions to Precise Guest Care, A Deep Dive into Our Decade of Excellence

In today’s digital age, the power of reviews is indisputable. For Open Air Homes, the last ten years have been a relentless pursuit of perfection, embodied by the coveted 5-star review. Our recipe for success hasn’t been a well-guarded secret. Rather, it’s built on genuine interactions, a profound understanding of guest needs, and consistently refining our approach to hospitality.

Understanding the Power of Reviews

The transformative landscape of online platforms like Airbnb has emphasized that reviews do more than just offer feedback. They can elevate a listing, improve visibility in search results, and open doors to prestigious recognitions like the Superhost status. 

Hillside Hideaway by Open Air Homes

Setting Crystal Clear Expectations

Our strategy has always revolved around managing guest expectations. We believe in complete transparency. Every detail about our homes, whether it’s the design, facilities, or unique characteristics, is explicitly communicated, ensuring no unpleasant surprises for our guests.

Prompt Communication: Our Hallmark

In our journey, we understood early on that timely communication can make or break a guest experience. This comprehension led us to adopt a centralized texting service. Guests, once they’ve settled in, can effortlessly reach out, ensuring that their concerns or queries are addressed promptly. By always being just a text away, we foster an environment of trust and reliability.

Creating a Personal Sanctuary for Every Guest

Our homes aren’t just spaces; they’re where guests will call home for a significant amount of time, they are often where guests come to build memories with loved ones. By meticulously designing each home with a cohesive feel and ensuring they’re fully stocked, we don’t just provide a place to stay – we deliver a home. Removing overly personal items makes guests feel like they’re stepping into their own space while the thoughtful decor infuses warmth and character. 

Cohesion is key, and we work with each of our homeowner partners to craft a cohesive design experience. 

Offering a Taste of Local Charm

Every Open Air Home is a gateway to the city’s soul. We share locally produced amenities and recommend restaurants curated to each of our guests desires. We strive to integrate local experiences. Guests don’t just get a place to stay; they get an authentic taste of the locale, crafted and curated by those who know it best.  

Not only do they want to know which restaurants we love, but we take it a step further by suggesting what to order! For example, if you’re staying in Venice Beach, we suggest guests walk or bike for lunch to The Win~dow, and order a Cheeseburger and the Kale Salad, our favorites!   Not only is this the most reasonably priced lunch in Venice, it is also the local hang-out spot and has quickly become known as the top spot to go for the best quick and casual lunch. 

Preparation Meets Opportunity

The unexpected is a part of life, and in the hospitality business, it’s all about how you respond to unforeseen challenges. Open Air Homes is always prepared. We understand that sometimes things go awry, but what matters is our ability to pivot, adapt, and ensure our guests are always cared for.

Respect & Kindness: Non-Negotiables

Above all, our ethos revolves around two foundational pillars: respect and kindness. Every action, every word, every gesture is grounded in these values. By treating our guests with unwavering respect and kindness, we’ve not only built a business but have also forged countless cherished relationships.

A Moment of Reflection 

At Open Air Homes, every 5-star review isn’t just a testament to our services. It’s an affirmation of a decade-long journey, of our values, and of the countless memories we’ve been privileged to be a part of.

As we look back on a decade rich with experiences, challenges, and above all, growth, our commitment remains unshaken. To offer unparalleled experiences, to set the gold standard in hospitality, and to always, always prioritize our guests. Here’s to another decade of excellence, one 5-star review at a time.



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