New PS Restaurant We Love, The Heyday: Our Newest Burger Obsession 


By: Brad Greiner, CEO of Open Air Homes and OpenAiRE Brokerage

There’s a new burger joint in town, and it’s quickly becoming the talk of Palm Springs. 

The Heyday, renowned for its irresistible burgers, has opened its doors in our vibrant desert city, offering a delicious twist on classic American fare.

A Nostalgic Ambiance with a Modern Twist

Stepping into The Heyday, you’re immediately struck by its unique atmosphere. The restaurant has brilliantly preserved the old-school charm of the former Mexican eatery that once occupied the space. The classic red booth fabric seating sets a nostalgic tone, while the walls adorned with photos of Beyoncé enjoying burgers and other iconic Palm Springs moments add a contemporary and playful flair.

Burgers That Steal the Show

At the heart of Heyday’s appeal are, undoubtedly, the burgers. Perfect for curing a hangover or as the centerpiece of a relaxed night out, these burgers are all about indulgence. The burger and martini combo, priced at an irresistible $19, is the showstopper here. It’s the kind of meal that encourages you to sit back, savor, and forget about any plans of hitting the clubs or bars afterwards because, let’s face it, you might just overeat!

Not Just Burgers

While the burgers are undoubtedly the stars, Heyday’s menu offers other mouth-watering options. The loaded fries with pepperoncini cheese are a must-try – a perfect balance of spicy and cheesy goodness that complements any burger choice.

Customize Your Burger Experience

The true joy of Heyday lies in customization. Whether you opt for the smashburger, add an extra layer of cheese, or double up for an even more decadent experience, each burger is a treat to your taste buds.

A Warm Welcome to the Neighborhood

As avid supporters of great food and unique dining experiences in Palm Springs, we at [Your Company Name] are thrilled to welcome Heyday to the neighborhood. It’s more than just a burger joint; it’s a testament to the ever-evolving culinary landscape of Palm Springs, where traditional flavors meet modern creativity.

A New Recommendation for Our Guests

For all our guests staying in Palm Springs, Heyday is now a highly recommended dining spot. We offer all of our guests that stay at Open Air Homes a customized list of recommendations, based on their preferences, and we are always looking for the new spots that our guests will love.  The Heyday is our latest obsession, and we are enthusiastically recommending it to the guests staying in our homes.   

Whether you’re looking for a satisfying meal to start your day or a delightful dinner to end it on a high note, Heyday promises an experience that’s hard to forget.

Welcome to the hood, Heyday! We’re delighted to have you here and look forward to many more delicious moments. 🍔✨🌴



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