The Most Important Burrito of the Day: The Breakfast Burrito (LA Edition)


We break down our top 6 choices for mind-blowing breakfast burritos in Los Angeles County.

January 13, 2023

Los Angeles is home to many great things: Natural beauty, incredible culture, and celebrity sightings. However, we at Open Air Homes are always excited by the fact that LA is home to some of the best breakfast burritos this side of the Mexican border. As far as we’re concerned, LA has perfected the breakfast burrito.

Take a look at some of our favorite breakfast burrito spots in LA:

The 6 Best Breakfast Burrito Spots in L.A.

1. Groundwork Coffee Co. – Rose Ave. location

Groundwork Coffee Co. boasts one of the best breakfast burrito in LA
Image via Facebook

Why we love it: Groundwork notes that their breakfast burrito is their most popular menu item, and for good reason. The from-scratch hot sauce is great, the eggs are moist and perfectly textured, and every ingredient feels high-quality. This is a local company, and they put love into what they do. With ten locations around L.A. (and a roastery in Portland!), great coffee and burritos are always within reach. 

2. Great White 

Great White’s breakfast burrito is an L.A. staple. Image via Eater

Why we love it: The buttery Oaxaca cheese is killer, and so are the crispy fried tater tots. Everything at Great White is delicious, and being an Australian company with Venice Beach roots, they bring a laid-back Aussie flare to their food. They’ve etched out their own space to create a new take on the traditional SoCal breakfast burrito. The surfer vibes are also great here. They nail west coast vibes and the LA breakfast burrito.

3. The Rooster – Pico Blvd.

The Rooster's Rico Suave burrito is a beloved LA breakfast burrito.
Image via LA Taco

Why we love it: It’s their Instagram bio, the first line on their website’s landing page, and nearly everywhere else that mentions them: “Home of the Rico Suave Burrito.” This refrain is repeated nearly everywhere because The Rooster’s signature breakfast burrito is revered by locals and tourists alike. Food Network alum (Chopped and Cutthroat Kitchen) Chef Rouha Sadighi is a lover of breakfast food and is passionate about creating the perfect over-medium egg. The Rico Suave is listed on the menu as “The Dopest of All Breakfast Burritos.” We’d be inclined to agree!

4. Sightglass Coffee 

Why we love it: With L.A. and San Francisco locations, Sightglass nails the breakfast burrito with its simplicity. The price is right ($12 and served all day!), the ingredients are fresh, and they all come together to make a perfectly satisfying breakfast burrito at any time of day. The modern interior makes it a great hangout spot, and its ideal location in buzzy West Hollywood is convenient to drop into on a busy day. 

5. The Butcher, The Baker, The Cappuccino Maker 

Image via Facebook

Why we love it: Good vibes, nice people, great coffee, a great brunch spot, and a rather healthy take on the breakfast burrito. There’s also a vegan option! We love sitting outside on the sunny patio. BBCM gets packed, especially at brunch on the weekends, so we recommend making a reservation! 

6. Dialog Cafe 

Image via Instagram

Why we love it: Family-owned! The son took over the business from his father, and he has the fastest and simplest takeout around. Over covid, his transformation of the business really took hold, and people love to sit outside to eat or get takeout. Their takeout system led to major growth from a tiny cafe into a first-class option. While the simple breakfast burrito hits the spot, the brisket option is a decadent addition that you won’t regret. 

Honorable mention: Eggslut

Image via eggslut

Why we love it: We all know that eggslut has become an institution in Los Angeles. with locations in Las Vegas, The United Kingdom, Singapore, Japan, and South Korea. In its beginning months as a food truck, founder David Chang (of Momofuku) created a cult following for his decadent egg sandwiches. eggslut catered a party our founder had when they had just one truck. These slutty eggs are not technically in burrito format, but they definitely deserve an honorable mention. 



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