Why Responding to Every Review on Airbnb Matters: A Deep Dive into Our Approach


Beyond the Stars: How Every Review Shapes Our Commitment to Excellence.

By: Brad Greiner, CEO of Open Air Homes and OpenAiRE Brokerage

In the world of property rentals, reviews form the backbone of the industry. They offer reassurance, insights, and often sway a potential guest’s decision to book. 

With a stellar 4.91 star rating over a decade, Open Air Homes has set a golden standard in the industry. While negative reviews are a rare occurrence, responding to them is crucial, arguably even more so than the positive ones.

Both Airbnb and VRBO, two platforms Open Air Homes extensively utilizes in addition to its proprietary booking platform, have incorporated responses to reviews. The transparency and visibility of these interactions provide a unique opportunity to solidify a brand’s standing and commitment to its guests.

Positive Reviews: A Chance to Spotlight the Brand

Positive reviews allow companies like ours, or independent homeowners who manage their homes, to highlight their operational processes and core values. Take, for instance, a recent review by Steven, who applauded the property he stayed at. The response from Open Air Homes not only expressed gratitude but emphasized the uniqueness of the property, showcasing brand values.

Another guest, Christopher, celebrated the thoughtful details and vintage touches of the property he stayed at. The response brought forward how Open Air Homes weathered tropical storm Hilary, indirectly highlighting the property’s resilience and the brand’s commitment to guest safety. It also touched on how this home was designed as a true home that the homeowners use, and not a sterile investment property. 

Addressing Negative Feedback with Grace and Transparency

Addressing negative feedback is vital for continual improvement.  For example, Maureen left a detailed review pinpointing some areas for improvement, from missing tissues to lighting concerns.  She still left a strong review, yet these details were mentioned in the review, so we wanted to address them head-on and let her and future guests know how we are ensuring it won’t happen again.  Open Air Homes’ response was both understanding and constructive, providing reassurance to both Maureen and potential guests that the feedback is valued and acted upon.

Transparency and Trust

Each interaction reflects a brand’s dedication to its guests. For instance, Richard had minor feedback regarding a salt grinder. By acknowledging these seemingly small details, Open Air Homes showcases its dedication to the minutiae of the guest experience. Similarly, Nicole’s feedback on outdoor cleanliness serves as a reminder that guests value the entirety of their stay, from the interiors to the immediate surroundings.

Turning Feedback into Opportunities

Reviews serve as an invaluable feedback loop. Bently’s review about the lack of an ironing board and propane for the fire lamp was taken in stride by Open Air Homes, viewing it as an opportunity to further elevate the guest experience.  When this feedback comes in, use it as an opportunity to grow, realizing that all guests will use your home slightly differently, so it is your job to provide them with a plethora of amenities that they may need (if you have the storage space, that is). 

Ashlynn’s extensive stay (over 2 months) and detailed feedback underpin the importance of long-term comfort and convenience. Open Air Homes took this chance to emphasize their exclusivity and the special amenities tailored for longer stays.  Guests who stay for longer periods of time desire the comforts of home, even more so than our homes that rent for shorter periods of time. 

Engage, Adapt, and Enhance the Experience for Future Guests

Feedback, be it positive or negative, offers property rental companies an unmatched avenue to engage, adapt, and enhance. Open Air Homes stands as a testament to the value of engaging with reviews. 

By consistently acknowledging, addressing, and appreciating feedback, they not only solidify trust with past guests but also appeal to potential future guests, assuring them of an experience that’s continually striving for excellence.



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