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Top 2022 Interior Design Trends


So much goes into excellent short-term rental marketing. In this demanding sector, ordinary simply doesn’t cut it. Seasoned renters know what they want for their next getaway and look at your listing with scrutiny. Their standards are high, but rightfully so. When they are paying top dollar for the best views, locations, and amenities, your property needs to deliver on these expectations. This is why in the short-term rental market, you need to keep your investment properties up-to-date with the latest design trends. What are the top 2022 interior design trends and how can you refresh your vacation rental to make it more marketable?

Maximalism: The Minimalism Rebound

Minimalism has been a hot interior design trend since the beginning of 2020. But, as with all trends, interest has shifted from one end of the spectrum to the other. In 2022 designers are moving toward more luxury again. Though you don’t need to go full throttle with Baroque decadence, you can add a bit of dazzle here and there. If your property is currently sporting the minimalist look, here are some things to add when updating its interior:

  • Integrate a few luxury pieces in each room. This can be as easy as placing some lace or velvet pillows on a sofa or installing new curtains.
  • Swap a solid-colored rug for a bold one. Ornate patterns and lush textures truly make a difference in mood. Shag rugs are making a big comeback too!
  • Bring in some “extra” light fixtures. Don’t hold back on the crystals, etching, or the details. Whether they are sconces, chandeliers, or a gorgeous table lamp, a glamorous light fixture will draw more attention.
  • Use bold paint. Strong colors can spice up a room that is currently sporting a neutral palette.

The Return of Vintage

2020 and 2021 have been heavily inspired by cutting out household clutter and using simple furniture. However, 2022 is leaning toward more luxe accents, hidden finds, and a touch of the extraordinary. This means that vintage elements are coming back in a big way this year. To get your hands on something unique, take a deep dive in an antique store. You’ll be surprised at what vintage elements you can take home to spice up your portfolio! Who knew that real estate investing can involve some interesting trips like this? Whether you fall in love with a vintage telephone booth, icebox, or an old-school writing desk, the history and character of these items will make your rental more interesting.

To make this look work, make sure that you utilize these elements along with well-maintained, modern furniture that is in good condition. You don’t want your property to feel outdated, but to use vintage items strategically to add character to your room. If you need help creating this exclusive look for your short-term rental, our property management and design team at the OpenAiRE brokerage can give you excellent insights. This is just one of the many ways we can make effortless ownership a reality for busy landlords.

Dark and Moody Vibes

Though dark bathrooms and kitchens have been a slowly growing trend that has taken more prominence this decade, 2022 seems to be its year to take center stage. This trend involves any use of dark paint or furniture to make a room moody and sophisticated. Popular colors include navy blue, chocolate brown, black, and burgundy.

Since dark colors can make rooms look smaller, it’s important to strategically use dark paint or furniture in balance with light walls or furniture to keep an open feeling. For instance, you can integrate some dark colors by painting that dark blue on your trim instead of your walls. Small rooms don’t lose much space with dark paint, so you can make a compact guest bathroom entirely dark and add some lovely brass fixtures. A formerly all-white kitchen can get a lovely refresh with black tiles added as a backsplash.

Free Form & Experimentation

As 2022 starts to take on more bold colors and more luxurious aspects, you can get more playful with your design elements. Don’t worry about clashing accent pieces. Your favorite orange sofa will look just fine with that new red ottoman that caught your eye. This year is all about experimentation with what you like and breaking free from the neutral palette and minimalism. This doesn’t mean that you should totally ignore the values of the previous trends, though. You can still embrace minimalism by reducing clutter and employing neutrals to balance out rooms that can end up looking too busy.

Reach Out To Our Team

As more travelers want the trendiest spaces, updated interiors will continue to be top-of-mind this year. If you are curious about how to optimize your rental for the best look, connect with our team at OpenAiRE. We will be happy to discuss these improvements along with market updates like cryptocurrency in real estate and how to make second home ownership (or third or fourth) work for you.



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