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The Art of Crafting Exquisite Short-Term Rentals: A Case Study from Malibu


Elegance in Every Detail: A Malibu Transformation Tale

By: Brad Greiner, CEO of Open Air Homes and OpenAiRE Brokerage

In the intricate world of short-term rentals, where Airbnb and VRBO algorithms determine the success of listings, there lies an underrated secret to ensuring great visibility: meticulous onboarding of homes.  This includes but is not limited to the interior design, and thinking about the guest experience from top to bottom. 

Open Air Homes recently collaborated with an astute homeowner in Malibu who flawlessly executed our recommendations, transforming their home into an emblem of elegance that’s now thriving in rentals. This success story spotlights the significance of our in-depth onboarding process, and our joint success is possible because of their willingness to trust our onboarding process and deliver a final result that rivals all of the top competition in the Malibu area. 

The Onboarding Precision

Our algorithm knowledge reveals that factors influencing a listing’s position include the duration visitors spend on a page, how often they share or save it, booking inquiries per view, and, of course, the reviews it garners. Launching with an incredible home from day one leads to stellar reviews from the start and gives homes an advantage.

This Malibu homeowner’s attentive adoption of our advice showcases the essence of our onboarding process. By prioritizing every nuance of the guest experience, they not only achieved a premium nightly rate but positioned their home as one of the area’s top choices.

Creating ‘Moments’ In Photos for Guests

One standout piece of advice we extend to homeowners is the creation of ‘moments’ in photographs. These are scenarios where guests can picture themselves relishing the home’s offerings. Moments range from cozying up by an outdoor fire pit, lounging on the plush indoor sofa, preparing meals in the beautifully tiled kitchen, to resting in sumptuously dressed beds. For this Malibu property, the homeowner was meticulous about showcasing these moments, with the help of an acclaimed interior designer in this instance. 

While the initial photos captured the home’s beauty, the homeowner’s commitment to excellence prompted a reshoot after further elevating the space’s aesthetics. These fresh images, which we’re thrilled to present to you, encapsulate the quintessential Malibu luxury.  The home was great in the initial photos, but they decided to raise the bar even further. 

Details Make the Difference

Behind this home’s allure is the exquisite touch of an interior designer chosen by the homeowner. Their impeccable design sense is evident in each photograph; no corner was overlooked, and no detail spared. Every facet of this home underscores a luxurious guest experience, setting it miles apart in a fiercely competitive market.

Redefining Luxury Short-Term Rentals

At Open Air Homes, we advocate for viewing your space not as a mere rental property but as a genuine home. This perspective shift can make all the difference in the luxury short-term rental sphere. As we stride into this market’s future, our partnership with such visionary homeowners reaffirms our mission: offering unparalleled experiences to guests, which, in turn, makes our role so much more rewarding.  

Many property management companies prefer that your home is a year-round rental, but at Open Air Homes, we actually prefer it when our homeowners spend a portion of the year in the home, and design it for themselves to use, as opposed to a sterile, rental property designed only for rentals.  We want all of our homes to feel like real homes, with character and charm.  

If you’re considering venturing into the realm of luxury short-term rentals, remember: excellence lies in the details. And as showcased by our latest gem in Malibu, such dedication not only enhances guests’ experiences but also propels the property to the zenith of the market.

Check availability for this exquisite Malibu Bluffs home and book at the lowest rate available here.  Or you can check out the home and book on Airbnb or VRBO



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