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The Airbnb Conundrum: How The Housing Crisis Challenges Our Perspective on Hospitality


By: Brad Greiner, CEO of Open Air Homes and OpenAiRE Brokerage

The Implications of Short-Term Rentals in Cities like Los Angeles and Palm Springs

In a recent article by Annie Lowrey in The Atlantic, the tenuous relationship between Airbnb, the housing crisis, and urban transformations in places like Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood was brought to light. It paints a tale of neighborhoods in transition, shifting demographics, rising property values, and the sometimes contentious role of short-term rentals in these changes.

Airbnb and the Evolving Urban Landscape

While Airbnb didn’t single-handedly ignite the gentrification fires in areas such as Bedford-Stuyvesant or Venice Beach for that matter, its widespread popularity undoubtedly poured fuel onto them. What was once a platform for sharing and hosting travelers in one’s own home transformed over the years. 

With hosting companies taking over management and “Airbnb arbitrage” becoming common (at Open Air Homes, we never engage in Airbnb arbitrage), the platform began competing directly with hotels, homeowners, and renters.

At Open Air Homes, our focus has always been on genuine experiences and ensuring the comfort and trust of our guests. We’re advocates for responsible hosting, and this article underscores the importance of that perspective.

The Los Angeles and Palm Springs Perspective

Similar to New York, cities like Los Angeles and Palm Springs are no strangers to the impacts of Airbnb on their housing landscapes. In LA, the influx of tourists seeking Airbnb stays has sometimes pitted homeowners against renters, investors against communities, all while contributing to a tightening housing market.

In 2017, it was nearly impossible to host on Airbnb without someone attempting to have a party in your home.  With the help of Airbnb and through our own enhanced processes, we are now confident that our rental homes can peacefully coexist with our neighbors, and the temperature has been brought down on unruly guests. 

In Palm Springs, a city known for its vacation vibes, the surge in short-term rentals has been both a boon for tourism and a challenge for local housing dynamics. While the economic benefits are evident, the changes to community character and the potential exacerbation of the housing shortage are hard to ignore.

Buckingham Road by Open Air Homes

Our Stance at Open Air Homes

At Open Air Homes, we believe in fostering authentic connections between guests and hosts, while being acutely aware of our responsibility to the communities we operate within. The story from The Atlantic offers a crucial lesson: it’s imperative to strike a balance.

We’ve always stressed the importance of responsible short-term rentals. Our properties, especially in locations like Los Angeles and Palm Springs, aim to complement, not compete with, the local housing landscape. For example, our “homeowner partners” at Open Air Homes use their second homes on a regular basis, as opposed to them being strictly investment properties.  These homeowners are intricately tied to the local community because they use their own homes when in town, and this helps contribute to fostering a better relationship within the community. 

We advocate for regulations that ensure platforms like Airbnb enhance cities, providing travelers with unique experiences without detracting from the very essence of these places.

Moving The Short Term Rental Industry Forward with Care

The transformation of Airbnb from a ‘sharing’ platform to a potent force in real estate is both remarkable and challenging. As the landscape continues to evolve, it’s crucial for companies like ours to prioritize community well-being alongside hospitality.

Los Angeles, Palm Springs, and soon-to-be Orange County, with their unique charms and challenges, deserve a thoughtful approach to short-term rentals—one that appreciates the fine balance between tourism, community, and housing. 

At Open Air Homes, we do not turn a blind eye to these challenges and are committed to navigating this intricate dance with care, ensuring our guests enjoy memorable stays while remaining deeply respectful of the communities that host them.  

And last but not least, we require every single renter who books a home with us to commit to respecting the neighborhood as if it were their own.  This simple extra step can hopefully be a beacon of hope in the industry that short-term rentals and neighborhoods can peacefully coexist. It all comes down to respect. 



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