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Safe Scents And Stress Relief – Diffusers To Smoothen The Mood


Diffusers are based on a simple principle. You get to accentuate the interior space and provide a relaxing ambiance for its occupants, by combining the power of the sense of smell with the aromatherapy provided by essential oils. You can leverage this to make your guests’ stay at your vacation home more comfortable and memorable.

How Oil Diffusers Work

Are essential oil diffusers safe? Yes. The oil is heated into a vapor, which then spreads around the room. Unlike conventional air freshers, the cleansing molecules purify the air, instead of overloading it with chemicals. The risk of fires associated with traditional candles is avoided as well. With quality electronic diffusers, you even get to change between the different types of oils to dispense different scents. Just how effective are they? Let’s delve into that, looking at how they accentuate your home and contribute to boosting your guests’ holiday vibe.

How Essential Oil Diffusers Benefit You And Your Guests

A Calmer Mind

Feeling stressed out? Use essential oils like lavender in the diffusers to reduce your stress and relieve your anxiety. With one of the main reasons for traveling is to unwind from the pressures of everyday life, it will come in handy to make the guests checking into your home to feel more at ease. In fact, lavender is so effective that it is used to help relax patients waiting to undergo medical procedures. Blends of essential oil – like mixing bergamot and lavender have even been shown to alleviate depression and anxiety.

Aesthetics are not left behind. After all, looks are key in dictating the mood of the room – and you also want to impress your guests, hence the popularity of stylish essential oil diffusers. With units like the Stadler Form diffuser coming in different bright color variations, you get to install the diffuser that matches your particular décor.

Cozy Nights

Parents have already been using essential oil diffusers to enable their children to sleep blissfully for years. They get the little ones to fall asleep faster and encourage pleasant dreams. The gentle hum that comes with electronic diffusers also chips in to relax agitated minds, and you can get a unit that comes with an auto-shutoff feature that will conserve the oil after you’ve fallen asleep. Vitruvi Stone Diffuse is the best choice in essential oil diffusers because the Vitruvi Stone Diffuser feels organic to the touch, and looks like a piece of pottery in your space.  There are copycats for cheaper, but Vitruvi was the original and by far our favorite. Features like the two-timer setting on the Vitruvi Stone Diffuser allow you to tune it to suit your needs, with this particular unit allowing you to choose between a continuous 3-hour mode or 7.5-hour intervals.

Healthier Living

Even appetite control comes in, as is seen when diffusing peppermint oil into the interior space. It induces a satiety response and makes you feel energetic. The active ingredients in eucalyptus tree essential oil have decongestant properties, making them pretty handy when battling nasal congestion. In fact, oil diffusers have been shown to literally cure pneumonia in lab tests.

A Safer Space

The trouble with mold? You can combat it with oils like pine and red thyme since they make the interior space inhospitable for fungi. Eucalyptus and tea tree oils are particularly effective in breaking down free radicals that encourage bacteria growth. That way, cranking up the high-capacity oil diffusers with these kinds of oils will enable you to set a healthier space for your guests, and protect your property from being infected by fungal growths.

Some use the diffusers as an alternative to conventional mosquito repellents, such as where a mixture of clove and lemongrass essential oils safely wards off the pesky mosquitoes. That way you won’t have to worry about health concerns that come with chemicals like DEET, which is the active ingredient in conventional mosquito repellents.

In Conclusion:

Whether you are interested in a diffuser for the medicinal benefits, to make a room smell pleasant, or just looking to add a small detail to boost the odds of an enjoyable guest experience and positive reviews, adding a stylish and easy to use oil diffuser is a very easy way to enhance you and your guests living experience.

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