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Our Top Recommendations for a Weekend in Palm Springs, California


Relax and Recharge with Open Air Homes’ Itinerary for the Perfect Palm Springs Getaway

Mid-century modern home in Palm Springs, California

Welcome to beautiful Palm Springs, California! At Open Air Homes, a weekend in the desert with friends and family is one of our favorite ways to refresh. Equal parts outdoorsy and elegant, Palm Springs is the quintessential desert resort city and one of our top places to relax. 

We’ve carefully handpicked our favorite restaurants, coffee shops, and activities that will help you explore the vibrant desert community of Palm Springs.

Discover the cool and elegant Palm Springs – including its world-class dining, incredible mid-century design, and its stunning nature, views, and sunsets.

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Our Favorite Coffee in Palm Springs

Café la Jefa

Cafe la Jefa in Palm Springs, California

This Latina-owned coffee shop is a local favorite, and for good reason. Located on busy Palm Canyon Drive, Café la Jefa serves up a rotating selection of local baked goods and healthy grab-and-go items, along with a full breakfast and lunch menu. 

Favorite menu items include the Mexican mocha, matcha mint lemonade, and toast with smoked salmon. 

In addition to an outstanding menu, Café la Jefa is also an Instagram-worthy destination – from the sleek design and neon accents to its spacious patio with a gorgeous mountain backdrop.


Koffi in Palm Springs, California

However, if you want to truly feel like a local in Greater Palm Springs for coffee, you only have one option: Koffi

You can easily find yourself striking up an interesting conversation with a local at any one of Koffi’s three locations in the area. 

A local staple, Koffi is known throughout Palm Springs for velvety cold brew, solid breakfast sandwiches, and great service and atmosphere. 

You can really tell the team at Koffi care about what they do, which makes every sip all the more rewarding. 

Our Favorite Restaurants in Palm Springs

Rooster and the Pig 

Rooster and the Pig Vietnamese fusion restaurant in Palm Springs, California

Rooster and the Pig is somewhat atypical for a Palm Springs vacation – they don’t take reservations and operate with a somewhat sporadic schedule. We recommend calling ahead to confirm, however when they are open, it’s definitely worth the wait. 

Rooster and the Pig flawlessly executes Vietnamese/American fusion, and it’s unlike anything we’ve ever experienced. From the fresh, quality ingredients to the cozy ambiance, this small, locally-owned restaurant is a must-try for dinner in Palm Springs. The staff is friendly, and they seem to truly feel that they are providing a dining experience unlike any other. 

Sandfish Sushi & Whiskey

Sandfish restaurant, Palm Springs, California

Sandfish is a newer hot spot for sushi. From unique whiskey pairings to its Scandinavian-style interior, Sandfish has become a go-to for a chic weekend in Palm Springs. Situated near Bootlegger Tiki and other lively bars, Sandfish is a great starting point for a night on the town.

Workshop Kitchen+Bar

The food at Workshop isn’t cheap, but the quality is excellent, and it’s a Palm Springs staple at this point. And for good reason: Workshop focuses on serving the freshest ingredients with a dynamic menu that changes often. Go here if you’re a foodie – and trust the recommendations of the servers. The cocktails are also ambitious and sure to please.

Las Casuelas Terraza

Las Casuelas Terraza, Palm Springs, California

Las Casuelas is a go-to option for Mexican Food in Palm Springs. 

It has the bragging rights as one of the very first patio dining restaurants in the Palm Springs area, and for good reason. The large, buzzy terrace is often teeming with locals and tourists enjoying live music and dancing. The fun atmosphere is offset by an award-winning menu of traditional Mexican fare and potent margaritas.

Sherman’s Deli 

Sherman's Deli in Palm Springs, California

Sherman’s Deli is a local favorite for no-frills, giant lunches. This family-owned New York-style kosher deli boasts an extensive menu of generously-portioned sandwiches. Menu favorites include hot pastrami and lox and cream cheese. Sit outside at sunset as the sun sets over the mountain range. Grab a complimentary giant pickle as an appetizer, and pastries and pies on your way out. 

Cunard’s Sandbar

Cunard's Sandbar in La Quinta, California

Located in nearby La Quinta, the Cunard’s Sandbar experience is one-of-a-kind. Equal parts old-school American restaurant and piano bar, Cunard’s provides a top-notch dinner menu, served with incredible ambiance. Sink into a red leather booth, or dine al fresco on the open-air patio, and enjoy live music from the grand piano at the center of the restaurant.

Musician Bill Baker obviously loves what he does, and if live music in an intimate setting is your vibe, Cunard’s Sandbar will make for a night you won’t forget.

It doesn’t look like much from the entrance, but inside is a great time! 

Hiking & Outdoor Recreation in Palm Springs

Cove Oasis Trailhead

About a 40-minute drive from downtown Palm Springs, the Cove Oasis Trailhead in La Quinta is 114 acres of outdoor space to explore. Work up a sweat on one of the many hikes, or take in the incredible vistas and unique plants on a leisurely stroll. There are many paths to choose from once you enter the park, varying in intensity. It’s a great daytime activity that allows you to take in the stunning desert landscape.

Tip: Explore safely! It gets hot, and there’s little shade. Be sure to bring lots of water, SPF, and a shaded hat. Dogs are allowed.

Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park

We’d be remiss not to mention Joshua Tree National Park, the vast protected land just under an hour’s drive from Palm Springs. From indescribable once-in-a-lifetime desert views to the unique Joshua Trees, JTNP is worth an entire day trip for both nature lovers and novices.

Head into the park and try one of the many great trails in the area. Discover the whimsical Cactus Cholla Gardens, eerie Skull Rock, and the iconic Jumbo Rocks formations. 

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Our Favorite Hotels in Palm Springs

Want to extend a day or two in Palm Springs, but the home you booked through Open Air Homes is unavailable? Ideally, we can help, but if not, Palm Springs has no shortage of accommodations for the weariest of travelers.

If you aren’t ready to return to normal life and want to soak in the desert sun for one or two more days, check into one of these Palm Springs hotels:

Two Bunch Palms

Two Bunch Palms Hotel in Palm Springs, California

We wouldn’t be leading you in the right direction if we didn’t let you know about Two Bunch Palms. Located in Desert Hot Springs, this historic hotel is the place to unwind in beautiful natural hot springs. Focusing on wellness, Two Bunch Palms is a great option for the health-conscious traveler who wants to detox and reset.

The Colony Palms Hotel and Bungalows

The Colony Palms hotel in Palm Springs, California

The Colony Palms Hotel is our other top choice if your home isn’t available. While most property management companies wouldn’t recommend a boutique hotel competitor, we are always looking to the best in the business to improve our own. We believe no hotel in Palm Springs does it better than The Colony Palms. From poolside jazz music and great design to the onsite spa and restaurant, The Colony Palm Hotel will always have a special place in our hearts.

Korakia Pensione

Korakia Pensione hotel in Palm Springs, California

Korakia Pensione is known for its imaginative dual theme (one side of the property is Moroccan and the other is Mediterranean) and chic private villas with unique amenities like outdoor showers and full chef’s kitchens. 

Effortlessly cool and endlessly romantic, this transportive hotel perfectly encapsulates Californian desert luxury.


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Finding the Perfect Home in Palm Springs

At Open Air Homes, we believe it’s critical to look to the success of the hotel industry to develop world-class hospitality within the short-term rental industry. Whether you’re staying at one of our properties or not, we love our community and have tons of recommendations for when you’re in town.

If you’re in town to shop for a home of your own, we have an experienced team of Real Estate professionals at our sister company, OpenAiRE Brokerage, who can help you turn your dream of owning an investment property in the desert into reality. 

Have you been to any of these Palm Springs spots recently? 

We love hearing about readers’ experiences with our recommendations! Never hesitate to reach out to us on Instagram or LinkedIn with feedback on what you loved the most about your Palm Springs getaway! 



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