Open Air Homes: Building a Vision Inspired by Hotels and Hospitality Excellence


Emulating the Best in the Hotel Industry to Forge a Trusted, Unique, and Resilient Hospitality Brand

By: Brad Greiner, CEO of Open Air Homes and OpenAiRE Brokerage

August 21, 2023

Drawing Inspiration from Hotels: The Genesis of Open Air Homes

When Brad Greiner founded Open Air Homes, his eyes were not fixed on the burgeoning short-term rental competition. Instead, his vision was captivated by the development of hotel brands over the years. He recognized that building a hospitality brand worthy of trust would be a journey, requiring time, persistence, and an unwavering commitment to quality.

A Commitment to Quality: Achieving a 4.9+ Star Rating on Airbnb

Open Air Homes prides itself on a near-perfect rating of 4.9+ stars on Airbnb. Achieving this level of excellence in a demanding industry was a conscious decision to grow more slowly than some competitors. It’s a testament to our relentless pursuit of quality over quantity.

Lessons from the Giants: The Failings of Rapid Expansion

Some much larger companies in the short-term rental space have raced ahead, raising tremendous amounts of venture capital. Their goal was to acquire companies nationwide and build a recognizable brand quickly. However, in our observation, they faltered. Growing too fast, they failed to create operationally sound rentals nationwide, leading to inconsistent performance and eroding trust in their brands.

Sunsplash by Open Air Homes, in Palm Springs

Building Our Version of Four Seasons: A Time-Intensive Vision

We see Open Air Homes as a future Four Seasons, but we know that crafting this level of hospitality takes time. Our admiration for various hotel chains guides our vision and influences our approach. From the design-focused Edition to the hospitality giants like Marriott, Ritz, and Aman, we find inspiration in their commitment to service, aesthetics, and brand integrity. Smaller brands like Colony Palms Hotel and Two Bunch Palms also contribute to our understanding of personalized service.

A Lesson from History: Four Seasons vs. Ritz-Carlton

The 1990s saw direct competition between Four Seasons and Ritz-Carlton. While Ritz-Carlton emphasized a uniform look, Four Seasons championed local architecture and styles with uniform service. Our brand aligns more with the Four Seasons model, as we strive to give each of our homes a unique feel rather than imposing a standardized appearance.

Four Seasons also operates similarly to Open Air Homes, in that they do not own the hotels themselves, but instead partner with Real Estate owners and developers and manage every aspect of the hotel. Similarly, we partner with homeowners that take seriously the need to offer truly incredible experiences, and while it is often difficult to fully achieve this vision because every homeowner has a different budget for their home, over the years we have found more and more homeowners who understand the need to achieve consistent 5-star reviews, and often give us control over the design and comfort of the home, as well as an always standardized set of amenities in the kitchen and bathroom. 

A Humble Recognition: The Longevity of Great Hotel Brands

We understand that we are at the beginning of our journey, now 10 years into building Open Air Homes. To appreciate the path ahead, here are some noteworthy stats of famous hotel brands:

These figures remind us of the resilience, vision, and time it takes to create a legacy in hospitality.

Conclusion: A Slow, Steady, and Purposeful Growth

At Open Air Homes, we believe that our methodical growth is far more suitable for crafting operationally sound homes with highly satisfied guests. We resist the temptation to grow hastily, choosing instead a path that ensures each guest’s happiness. Yes, we are still a small brand, but our vision is expansive. Aspiring to be a known hospitality brand in the cities we operate in, we will persist in our journey, growing at a deliberate pace that continues to earn us the highest level of positive feedback. Our history may be brief, but our future is bright, and we invite you to be part of this exciting journey toward hospitality excellence.



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