New Restaurants Coming to West Los Angeles in 2022


The most desirable properties in the short-term rental market are near amenities like highly rated restaurants and popular attractions. If you’re interested in acquiring more marketable properties in your investment portfolio, you should always take notice of your property’s surroundings. Along with excellent interior design and beautiful views, proximity to restaurants where your guests can wine and dine in luxury is a major marketing point. Not only should you notice what’s already around, but you can be one step ahead by acquiring investments near up-and-coming establishments. What’s going to be new in West LA in 2022? These restaurants are opening in the area and can increase your investment properties’ marketability.

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235 N. Canon Drive, Beverly Hills

Strategic real estate investing involves property acquisition near desirable places, and Tommy’s is a fine example of a hot destination. Formerly known as Bouchon, a beloved celebrity destination that offered luxurious Michelin-star dining, Tommy’s is one of the most anticipated openings in West L.A. Those craving the high-end experience will find nothing lacking under the care of Tommy Salvatore, the former owner of Craig’s. Salvatore combines his extensive experience in hosting celebrities with the incredible skills of chef Vartan Abgaryan, who brings expertise from his experiences at Yours Truly and 71Above. Come see how Salvatore will resurrect this beloved Bouchon space and make it a beacon in the fine-dining world once more.


40 W. Green Street, Pasadena

When you elevate simple dishes with the best ingredients and painstaking attention to detail, you get the cuisine of Agnes. This new restaurant takes the place of the former Pasadena Fire Department’s horse stable. It will have a bar, lounge area, outdoor tables, an open kitchen, and a bright dining room. Whether you want to nibble at a cheese and charcuterie board or a tin of marinated mussels, these tried and true bites will satisfy your need for nourishing flavors. Here, first-time restaurant owners Vanessa Tialaka and Thomas Kalb will bring their restaurant backgrounds to the table to create a comforting experience. At Agnes, it’s all about the tiny details — from the type of mustard to the crackers that are placed on the charcuterie board. Come here for familiar foods and high-end presentation blended with the warmth of home cooking.

Mes Amis

1541 Wilcox Avenue, Los Angeles

Lincoln Carson, the former chef of Bon Temps, has returned to L.A. with two operations: giving the Thompson Hotel’s rooftop Bar Lis a fresh lounge menu and opening Mes Amis on the ground floor. This new restaurant will focus on the hottest French bistro fare, which includes all the delicate yet bold flavors one would expect from such intricate cuisine. Carson plans to integrate seasonal produce and bring in influences from the most beloved French cafes and brasseries. In addition, Carson’s talent with pastry is not to be missed. Come spring 2022, a new name in French cuisine and patisserie will be in town, and it will be worth it to have a place for renters to stay nearby Mes Amis.


1850 Industrial Street, Arts District

If you have a hankering for Brazilian food, then you have to get a taste of Rodrigo Oliviera’s first American restaurant, Caboco. Savor dishes that include its star attraction, pork belly, that is crispy on the outside and juicy within, the product of a 3-day process of brining, refrigeration, oven cooking, frying twice, then reheating. Such attention to detail is what you’ll find in every dish at this up-and-coming restaurant where simple ingredients become extraordinary when cooked with ingenious techniques. Oliveira is partnering with fellow chef Victor Vasconcellos to offer L.A. a wealth of Brazilian food that includes decadent entrees that take locals beyond the familiar churrascarias. Also, those looking for a romantic and relaxing mood will love the soft amber lighting and peaceful environment that awaits.

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