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It's Time For Your
Home To Get A Job

At Open Air Homes, we continue to reimagine the experience of home ownership. Our full-service property management system alleviates the stress of managing your own short-term rental, ensuring it’s well kept and increasing in value over time, and guaranteeing a wonderful stay for your guests.

airbnb property management
airbnb property management

With over 7 years of experience hosting short-term rentals,
we are design-driven, hospitality-focused, and obsessed with creating memorable, high-end guest and homeowner experiences. We are setting a new standard for short-term rentals, and we would love for you to join us.

The Effortless
Ownership Process

Effortless Ownership starts with the home buying process. OpenAiRE can help grow and improve your real estate portfolio.

Our simple Effortless Ownership process is designed to alleviate the difficulties of vacation home ownership while maximizing your revenue and increasing your home value.


Our thesis is that rental properties should get better over time, not depreciate with each new rental guest. Our homeowners benefit from our year-round property management and design services, regardless of how often they use their home.

Our team of vendors are the best in the business, so you’ll never need to worry about who to call for an unexpected repair or urgent customer request. Let us take care of the details while you enjoy the benefits of rental home ownership. We believe that when you stay in your home, you should feel like a guest. Our goal is to give you back the thing that matters most: your time.

Design with

The short-term rental industry becomes more saturated and competitive every day, and incredible design is one of the most important ways to differentiate your property. Inspired by California’s quintessential indoor-outdoor lifestyle, Open Air Homes are thoughtfully designed with special touches to surprise and delight every guest.

If your home has already been designed, our team will perform an inspection and give recommendations to boost its presence and increase its occupancy and nightly rate. A well-designed home is significantly more likely to attract renters and encourage repeat bookings, and our goal is for every Open Air Home to offer a memorable, above-and-beyond guest experience.


Our goal is 85% occupancy, and we consistently reach this number when we maintain control over each home’s design and pricing. Our portfolio consists of properties in the top 20% of homes in the market, and we work alongside our homeowners to earn consistent 5 star reviews.

To properly monetize your home it must appear higher in search rankings, as this gives us the ability to increase its presence and rate over time. Because we expect our homeowners to invest with us to continually improve their homes, you can expect your earnings to increase as well.


When you walk into your property, we want you to feel as happy and relaxed as a guest does when they enter your home. In order to achieve this, we prioritize safety and protection with a state-of-the-art security system.

We’ve partnered with Minut devices so that our team can track, in real time, how much noise is coming out of the property. This allows us to preemptively get ahead of any noise complaint issues before our communities are disturbed. Our team works around the clock to ensure an immediate response to any alarms or security threats.

List Your Home With Open Air Homes

Our full-service property management system alleviates the stress of managing your own short-term rental. Let us take care of the details so you can regain your most precious asset: your time.

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