Introducing Topanga Canyon, a Bohemian Hillside Retreat that Exudes West Coast Luxury

Topanga Canyon by Open Air Homes boasts a plunge pool, infrared sauna, and plenty of space for up to 8 guests to work and play.

Featuring an outdoor infrared sauna, a hot tub and a plunge pool, this Topanga hippy hideaway offers unmatched tranquility. 

Property Info

Bedrooms: 3 (4 including guest cabin)

Bathrooms: 3 (4 including guest cabin)

Square footage: 3,000

Neighborhood: Topanga Canyon – Topanga, Los Angeles County, CA

Hot tub/plunge pool: Yes

Hillside Hideaway is Quintessential SoCal Luxury

Welcome to Topanga Canyon! The eclectic Hillside Hideaway is all about high-end hippie chic: California cool with just enough rustic charm to keep it cozy. Families of all ages will love everything this home offers: from citrus trees to a spacious sauna, and a detached guest cabin to expertly executed mid-century styling, this home has something everyone is sure to appreciate. It’s the kind of place where you can truly live your best life – no matter what that means for you.

Introducing Topanga Canyon, a mid-century modern hillside hideaway that Exudes West Coast Luxury. This short-term rental is available at Open Air Homes and Airbnb.
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Ideal for:

Families of all ages

Nature lovers seeking peace and quiet


Current, former, or aspiring flower children

Privacy + Peace

Find wellness + relaxation in the large cedar sauna.

Privacy is a key element to this home’s appeal. Tucked away on a lush hillside, Hillside Hideaway’s extensive lot includes a detached guest cabin with 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, and a mini kitchenette. Inside, each of the two primary bedrooms has en suite bathrooms so guests can get a tranquil solo start to the day. When it’s time to get together, the airy living room, eat-in kitchen, and expansive outdoor dining area and deck provide enough common space to spend quality time.

The guest cabin’s cozy living area + kitchenette

When you’re ready to turn in for the night, three spacious and comfortable bedrooms await you (four if you count the guest cabin). You’ll awake to serenity and the Golden State’s stunning natural light — just what you need to conquer your day, refreshed and renewed.

Midcentury Moods

Introducing Topanga Canyon, a mid-century modern hillside hideaway that Exudes West Coast Luxury. This short-term rental is available at Open Air Homes and Airbnb.
Take in canyon views from an authentic Eames Lounge Chair.

Thanks to Southern California’s temperate weather and artistic spirit, midcentury modernism thrives here, and Hillside Hideaway is a shining example of mid-century sensibilities. From its clean lines, indoor/outdoor elements, and subdued tones to an authentic Eames Lounge Chair, this home is a dream for fans of the style, which is currently experiencing a worldwide resurgence. 

Introducing Topanga Canyon, a Bohemian Hillside Retreat that Exudes West Coast Luxury. This short-term rental is available at Open Air Homes and Airbnb.
Enjoy outdoor access from one of the two primary bedrooms.

Sunrises, Sunsets, and Everything in Between

Cool off in the plunge pool during the day, which also converts to a hot tub.

You’ll never want to leave your deck, with unmatched views of the Santa Monica Mountains and multiple areas to lounge and relax. Whether it’s morning coffee or an evening glass of wine, there’s a place for you at the large outdoor dining table next to lounge chairs. You can recline on the sun lounges next to the large cedar tub on hot days. The tub can be enjoyed during the day as a refreshing plunge pool and heated up as a relaxing hot tub at night. 

Kitchen + Living

Inside, you’ll find a light-filled living area outfitted in mid-century decor, with a fireplace and a dedicated workspace. If you’re feeling hungry after working, relaxing, or both, the chef’s kitchen is ready for action. Complete with an eat-in table and counter seating, the sunny and colorful kitchen can be fully stocked at your request. Private dining is also available!

There are multiple dedicated workspaces throughout the home, each boasting energizing natural light.
Both primary bedrooms have light-filled en suite bathrooms.


Sandwiched between Malibu and the Pacific Palisades, Topanga is equally accessible to SoCal’s gorgeous nature and the excitement of L.A.

Introducing Topanga Canyon, a Bohemian Hillside Retreat that Exudes West Coast Luxury. This short-term rental is available at Open Air Homes and Airbnb.

Welcome to Topanga, California—an artsy enclave that once housed 60s rock legends like Joni Mitchell and members of The Doors. 

Filled with character and free-spirited vibes, Topanga Canyon could be described as an artists’ colony in its own right. Filled with creative professionals or aspiring creatives, this area offers a unique opportunity for those who want to live in a place where they can truly express themselves. Parades, vintage markets, an annual reggae festival, and a film festival  – there’s no shortage of cultural events to take in. Whatever you’re into, it’s sure to thrive here.

Tucked away in the Santa Monica Mountains, it’s far enough from the bright lights and bustle of downtown to offer respite, yet conveniently located close to everything you need within easy reach.

Nearby Attractions

Outdoor Recreation

Topanga Overlook

Topanga State Park

Trippet Ranch

Malibu Lagoon State Beach

Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum

Food + Drink

Rosenthal Wine Bar & Patio

Casa Nostra Ristorante

Cholada Thai Beach Cuisine

Inn of the Seventh Ray

Moonshadows Malibu

Endless Color

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