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Leveraging 11 Years of Experience: Why Open Air Homes is Your Best Choice for Airbnb Property Management

Flat style illustration of going up red arrow icon isolated Airbnb now highlights the number of years hosts have been on their platform, and at Open Air Homes, our 11 years of experience sets us apart. Discover why our longevity and expertise make us the ideal choice for your property management needs.

By: Brad Greiner, CEO of Open Air Homes and OpenAiRE Brokerage

May 17, 2024

In a dynamic and ever-evolving marketplace like Airbnb, the experience of your property management company can make a significant difference in the success of your rental. Recently, Airbnb started showcasing how long hosts have been with the platform—a subtle yet powerful indicator of reliability and expertise. At Open Air Homes, we believe this is a pivotal metric for guests and homeowners alike.

Are you considering adding a co-host to your listing or working with a “fully remote” company that charges a low rate? Let us show you why a local, experienced property manager like Open Air Homes is the better choice.  

A Decade of Excellence in Property Management

Since 2013, Open Air Homes has led the short-term rental industry, providing homeowners with unmatched expertise and consistently high guest satisfaction.

Founded after my personal stint managing my own home on Airbnb beginning in 2011, we’ve built a reputation anchored on deep industry knowledge and consistent performance. With an impressive average of 4.91 stars across 11 years of hosting, our track record is not just a number—it’s a testament to our dedication and expertise in creating exceptional guest experiences.


 Our Silver Triangle Retreat – Panoramic views of Venice Beach.

What Sets Us Apart?

  1. Superior Guest Attraction: As Airbnb SuperHosts and VRBO Premier Hosts, our properties are positioned to attract more views and bookings.
  2. Exceptional Performance Metrics: Our occupancy rate and average nightly rates significantly outperform market averages. For instance, in Venice Beach, our properties enjoy a 74% occupancy rate compared to the 58% market average, and our average nightly rate is $445 versus the market’s $318.
  3. Medium-term Rental Focus: We specialize in medium-term rentals ranging from 30-90 days. This focus attracts homeowners seeking less turnover and more stability in their rental income.

Why Longevity Matters

Airbnb’s decision to display a host’s tenure is more than a feature—it’s a tool for building trust. When guests see that we have been hosting for over a decade, it speaks volumes about our stability and deep-rooted understanding of the platform. This longevity is crucial in a sector where new hosts can pop up overnight. It assures potential guests and homeowners that we are not just another pop-up operation but a seasoned entity committed to excellence.

Building Trust With New Listings

Introducing new properties to our platform brings its own set of challenges, notably the initial lack of reviews which can deter potential guests. However, our long-standing reputation and extensive portfolio of highly-rated homes provide a crucial leverage point. Guests might hesitate to book a new listing with no reviews, but the trust in our brand, built on consistent positive feedback across our properties, alleviates these concerns. They feel confident that even our newest listings will deliver the quality and experience synonymous with Open Air Homes.

 Pacific Vista Retreat – steps from the beach.

A Future Built on Experience

The journey with Airbnb has been transformative. We’ve witnessed various market shifts, observed competitors rise and fall, and have continuously adapted to ensure our services remain top-tier. This adaptability and resilience underscore our commitment to not just surviving but thriving in the competitive Los Angeles market.

With the short term rental more competitive than ever, setting yourself up for success involves ensuring that you build a solid base of 5 star reviews from day one.  More and more co-hosts are getting into the industry, and we applaud Airbnb for making it easy for individuals to start co-hosting businesses from scratch and grow.  However, issues do arise in this industry. Choosing a company like Open Air Homes, with 11 years of experience handling every possible scenario, ensures peace of mind when renting your home.

Further, there are a growing number of “virtual property managers” who attempt to manage your home from afar, for as low as 15% commission.  We have taken on management of a number of homes that first started on this route, only to realize that not having a local company to consistently check on their home, and address guest concerns, lead to a number of bad reviews, unhappy guests and neighbors, and overall poor performance. Our team at Open Air Homes has offices in both Los Angeles and Palm Springs, with local on-the-ground support for any issue that arises.    

Join Us in Setting New Standards

At Open Air Homes, we are more than just property managers; we are pioneers in redefining the short and medium-term rental industry in Southern California. From design and hospitality to operational excellence, every aspect of our service is crafted to ensure that our homeowner partners enjoy maximum returns and our guests leave with memorable experiences.

Whether you own a luxury property in Venice, Marina Del Rey, or even as far as Palm Springs, our team is ready to elevate your Airbnb experience. With Open Air Homes, you are partnering with a leader, a veteran that has not only grown with the Airbnb platform but has helped shape the hosting landscape.

Connect with Us

If you’re intrigued by the prospect of turning your property into a high-performing Airbnb rental, reach out today. Let’s discuss how our seasoned expertise can unlock the true potential of your investment.

Ready to maximize your rental income with a trusted property management partner? Contact Open Air Homes today to discuss how our seasoned expertise can unlock the full potential of your investment.

What sets Open Air Homes apart?  

Our commitment to 5 star reviews by focusing on designhospitality and creating truly memorable experiences. Great experiences drive higher ratings, and in turn drive higher net revenues for you, our homeowner partner.

We are setting a new standard for the short and medium term rental industry in Southern California, and we would love for you to join us!



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