Embracing AI in Content Creation: Open Air Homes and Our Stance on The Use of ChatGPT-4


The Open Air Homes Promise: Merging AI Innovation with Human Expertise for Superior Content

By: Brad Greiner, CEO of Open Air Homes and OpenAiRE Brokerage

August 31, 2023

Partnership with AI in a Digitally Evolving World

As the world increasingly leans into the era of artificial intelligence (AI), Open Air Homes is not just embracing the wave but actively shaping our future with it. Our focus has always been to continually provide relevant and helpful information to homeowners considering the short-term rental (STR) industry. To help us achieve this, we’ve adopted the use of AI, particularly the use of OpenAI’s ChatGPT-4, in our content creation process. However, it is a core belief of ours that these articles must be highly edited and adapted by our founder and team, before ever reaching the page.

Role of ChatGPT-4 in Our Blog Content Creation

ChatGPT-4 has proven instrumental in laying the groundwork for our blog content. It’s an AI model with a profound ability to understand and expand on our highly detailed and specific inputs about our company. However, our relationship with AI isn’t solely dependent on this impressive model.

Integrating AI into Everyday Operations: Our Partnership with Into.AI

Our partnership with the AI firm, Into.AI, has integrated artificial intelligence more deeply into our everyday operations. Into.AI is a key player on our dashboard through Guesty—the platform we use for all reservations, whether from Airbnb, VRBO, or direct reservations on our website. This initial response is then picked up by our human team who edit and fine-tune it to match our company’s voice and ethos.

AI Assisting, Not Replacing

The AI we use for our reservations team generates a first draft of a response to inquiries and questions. Into.AI combs through all of the backend information we have about every single property and uses this information to help write first drafts of responses. Things like the BTUs of the AC might seem like unnecessary information to keep on our backend, but by collecting very detailed property information for each home, our team + AI is able to use all of this information to make sure our guests have everything they need.

It’s crucial to note that this software, like ChatGPT-4, is built on the principle of assisting, not replacing, our team members. We’re actively working with our Reservations team (located around the world, from Kenya to the Philippines) to understand our goal isn’t to supersede them with machines but rather to free up their time so they can bring unique, human value to our company in ways a computer cannot.

Investing in Our Employees as Future AI Experts

We see our employees as future AI experts and are investing in training them accordingly. As rapid as AI’s development might seem, and as daunting as it may be to some, we believe that the best approach is to educate our teams about these emerging technologies. We want them to be equipped with the necessary skills to succeed in a future where AI plays an increasingly dominant role. This not only helps ensure a bright career path for them, whether at Open Air Homes or elsewhere but also aids in keeping our company on the cutting edge of the STR industry.

Maintaining Authenticity in an AI-Driven World

At Open Air Homes, authenticity remains central to our operations. Even with the integration of AI, we ensure that our content retains a strong human element. We utilize the capabilities of ChatGPT-4 and Into.AI to draft initial content, but each article undergoes rigorous human editing and refinement by our CEO and our team. This process ensures that our content is more than just an array of words, but rather a reflection of our deep-rooted understanding of the industry.

As we move into a world where AI can create massive amounts of new information and blog stories extremely quickly, our fear is that humans will decide to take a path of just posting frivolous article after article in hopes of gaining traction, so it is our commitment to this blog that we take editing and revising with extreme care.

Our Vision and Commitment to High Standards

Our vision for Open Air Homes is clear. We aim to lead the STR industry, shaping the future and heralding a new generation of hotel brands. As powerful as AI is in formulating our ideas, we maintain a steadfast commitment to high standards, authentic communication, and human connection. AI is a tool, and a potent one at that, but it remains just that – a tool. Our commitment is to walk the line between embracing technological advancements and retaining our human-centric approach. We’re excited about this journey into the future, hand in hand with AI, but with humans firmly at the helm.



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