Best Outdoor Activities in Los Angeles


There are many advantages to owning a rental property in an area that has pleasant weather throughout the year. Travelers who flock to short-term rentals in Los Angeles plan to take advantage of the beautiful conditions outdoors, so be sure to market your property with this in mind. But since people come from all over the country, they may not know what is around them. Therefore, it’s important to inform your guests about what outdoor activities are nearby. Promoting your investment properties like this is a key to smart real estate investing and will boost your rentals’ appeal. So what are the best outdoor activities in Los Angeles and how can you make the most of being close to them?

Create a Strategic Portfolio

By knowing all the popular things to do in Los Angeles, you can position your properties near the best attractions. This allows you to promote your rental in a way that makes it stand out in the short-term rental market. People who come from far away want to experience everything L.A. has to offer. They want to make the most of their time — but they need some help finding everything that’s nearby first.

This is where good marketing and hosting come into play. Leave no secrets in your rental listing online. Showcase how close your rental is to the most popular and beloved outdoor activities that have made L.A. famous. Encourage your property management team to leave hands-on resources at your rental, such as pamphlets that include information about things to do that are nearby. Providing such details helps your guests feel informed and gets them more excited about their upcoming stay. Here are some examples of local outdoor activities that tourists enjoy.

Take The Official Hollywood Sign Walking Tour

If your guests have three hours of the day to burn, then this private tour will give them memories to last a lifetime. The official Hollywood Sign Walking Tour is famous for taking guests up where they can see the Hollywood Sign from the front and behind. This exclusive experience is led by a guide who takes quality photos of each guest and tells them stories from working actors and musicians. It’s excellent for guests who do not have a lot of time in Los Angeles because they can get some of the best views of the most famous spots in the city. In this tour, they’ll catch a bird’s eye view of Paramount Studios, Disneyland, Warner Bros., Dreamworks, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and so much more!

Go to the Beach

The best outdoor experiences never go out of style. Whether your guests go to the beach with the rest of the public or pick a resort with private shores, the pleasant weather makes it possible to soak one’s feet in the sand any time of the year. Whether you want to take a walk, bask in the sun, or go surfing at Manhattan Beach’s El Porto, there are so many waterfronts to choose from.

Enjoy the Brewery Scene

Another way to enjoy the great outdoor weather is to grab a pint of beer at one of Los Angeles’ many beer gardens. Simply taking a stroll around the city will present you with many options with outdoor seating where your guests can sample some of the best, most inspired brews around. There is enough diversity here to try a new brewery every few days.

Dine Outdoors

L.A. is famous for its fine dining. With so many celebrities with high expectations, restaurants in this area hold nothing back in decadence and quality. Instead of eating indoors, your guests can take advantage of the beautiful sunny weather and enjoy some fine dining outdoors. For their convenience, list some of the most highly rated restaurants that are near your short-term rental. This will give them guidance on what to try first for the best experience.

Go to Disneyland

It’s nearly impossible to talk about L.A. without promoting its proximity to the world-famous Disneyland. This theme park attracts visitors from around the world every time of the year. And, best of all, it’s under an hour’s drive when the traffic is good. Encourage your guests to get there early in the morning so that they can beat the crowds and make plenty of memories!

Reach Out To Our Team

Since high-end travelers want to be positioned near great experiences, short-term rentals near the best outdoor activities in Los Angeles will always be in demand. If you want to learn more about more short-term rental trends such as cryptocurrency in real estate, connect with our team at Open Air Homes. Our brokerage will be happy to discuss effortless ownership, interior design upgrades, and other convenient solutions that will enhance both the renter’s experience and your bottom line.



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