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An Entertainer’s Guide to Finding the Perfect Home

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Those who love frequently entertaining guests need the proper space to do so. Finding the right apartment or house is key to living your dream life as the host with the most. Below are a few tips from Open AiRE to help you get started.

1. Determine Your Mortgage Payment 

Before you begin your quest to find a home to welcome friends and family into, it’s important to understand what a mortgage is and how to get one. In short, a mortgage is a loan you take out to purchase a house. To qualify, you must have a good job and show on paper that you are likely to repay your loan. Once you qualify, you must establish a budget. Whether you are buying or renting, you must begin the search with a realistic estimate of what you can afford to pay upfront and monthly. 

2. Prepare to Qualify for Pre-Approval

Different types of mortgages include conventional, Federal Housing Administration, and Veterans Affairs loans. If you are seeking a mortgage loan, you should strongly consider getting pre-approval from a lender before officially beginning your home search. Make sure you’ve checked your credit score recently because lenders will look at that number closely. If it’s too low, you will have a very hard time getting a home loan.

If you are self-employed, there are other considerations as well. Most lenders will expect you to have two years’ worth of income statements to determine eligibility. Some, however, may accept 18 months of income statements.

3. Create a List of Must-Haves

As you seek a new place to call your own, it can be difficult to narrow down your list of wants versus needs. First-time homebuyers often think they can have everything they want in a home for a far smaller price tag than is realistic. 

People blessed with a passion for entertaining others may have different needs than others. For example, an open floor plan allows the hosts to speak with their guests as they put the finishing touches on the delicious food they have prepared. Other details such as location and natural lighting also factor into whether a particular dwelling makes a wonderful entertaining pad.

4. Conduct the Search

Once a budget and list of must-haves are established, begin looking for your new home. Connect with a realtor for insights into what is available within your budget; these professionals often can provide information and perspective you wouldn’t otherwise be able to access. Then sign the lease or submit an offer on the property you feel works best, and wait to hear back from the seller’s real estate agent. Experts say the home buying process takes around three months, so be patient and know that a few hiccups along the way are to be expected.

5. Prepare to Entertain!

If you love having guests, chances are you will host a celebration for one or more of the upcoming holidays. Before you have anyone over, give your abode a thorough cleaning to make the space sparkle. Next, plan the menu according to your family’s traditions and attendees’ food allergies and preferences. In the days preceding the big event, plan well and write a list of groceries and other essentials to purchase. Whenever possible, delegate a portion of the shopping to your significant other or anyone else willing to help. If guests offer to bring something, take them up on their proposal.

When dealing with frozen meats, you should look into how long they should thaw and plan accordingly. Every host’s worst nightmare is attempting to thaw frozen food in the hours before guests are due to arrive. Set a timeline for when each dish should be prepared and cooked (start prepping the day before), and execute it flawlessly. Last, but definitely not least, enjoy the delicious food and excellent company.

Finding a home to suit your entertainment needs will take some time and thought, but the result will be worthwhile when you are reveling in a blissful gathering with loved ones.

If a big event is coming up and you’re dying to host, but your new home isn’t officially yours yet, consider a short-term rental. Our gorgeous properties are great for entertaining and can serve as your temporary landing space for friends and family during holidays and other special events. Visit us online to see our current property listings and to check availability. 



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