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A Guide to Top Los Angeles Neighborhoods: Buying Homes with Stellar STR Potential with Open Air Homes.

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By the Open Air Homes Team

Los Angeles, the City of Angels, is more than just palm trees, scenic views, and sunshine. It’s a mosaic of neighborhoods, each with its unique rhythm and flair. But for someone new to LA, this sprawling city can feel a little overwhelming when it comes to picking the perfect spot to settle down.

While you could plunge into the real estate market right away, we at **Open Air Homes** have a better suggestion. Why not stay with us for a while? Before you commit to a neighborhood, get a feel for it. Spend a month living in Brentwood, then jump over to Venice Beach for another month, and perhaps wind down in the peaceful ambience of Laurel Canyon for a third month. With a significant portion of our portfolio exclusive to Month+ rentals, you can truly immerse yourself in the LA lifestyle without any rush.

This unique approach offers prospective homeowners the luxury of time. Understand the city, the communities, and then make an informed decision on where you want your dream home to be. Let’s delve into some of the top neighborhoods and see what each offers:

Laurel Canyon Classic Hollywood Residence by Open Air Homes

1.Bel Air

Experience the opulence of Bel Air, where jaw-dropping mansions offer a serene escape from the city hustle. It’s a quiet enclave with an authentic neighborhood touch, lacking the usual city trappings like cafes and shops.

Median Sale Price: $2,475,000


A place where luxury meets leisure, Brentwood has an array of upscale dining, shopping, and entertainment venues. Nature lovers will find solace in the nearby outdoor spaces, perfect for hiking, biking, and more.

*Median Sale Price:* $2,310,000

Downtown Loft by Open Air Homes

3.Downtown Los Angeles

A hub of culture, Downtown LA pulses with energy. With an impressive array of museums, restaurants, bars, and a superb public transportation system, this area is perfect for those who crave an urban lifestyle.

Median Sale Price: $653,000

Laurel Canyon Classic Hollywood Residence by Open Air Homes

4. Hollywood

Embrace the legendary glamour of Hollywood. With iconic landmarks, a bustling atmosphere, and excellent public transportation, it’s ideal for those seeking an entertainment-rich environment.

Median Sale Price: $740,000

5.Hollywood Hills

Elevate your living experience in Hollywood Hills, boasting mesmerizing views of LA. Perfect for those who cherish peace, luxury, and a dash of celebrity sighting now and then.

Median Sale Price: $1,550,000

6.Laurel Canyon

Dive deep into the historic charm of Laurel Canyon, with its relaxed vibe, music legacy, and scenic hikes. It’s a sublime mix of nature and culture.

Median Sale Price: $1,830,000

… and many more!

If you’re considering an investment property, certain neighborhoods like Venice Beach, Hollywood Hills, Laurel Canyon, Sherman Oaks, and Malibu have proven successful for many of our clients looking to rent out their homes. 

So, before you buy, live a little! With Open Air Homes, enjoy the freedom to explore, experience, and then decide. We invite you to not just visit LA, but to live in LA. We’re here to make your transition smooth, one neighborhood at a time. Welcome to Los Angeles, your new home awaits!



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