The Local Venice Businesses You Have To See

It wasn’t too long ago that people shopped for their goods and needs at the Mom and Pop shop down the road. You used to actually know the people you were buying from! Now we associate the brands we love with a logo more so than an actual face. The commercial marketspace is saturated with national conglomerates that produce an excess of lower quality goods for cheap prices, all for the benefit of a select few who many of us will never know or meet. 

To be clear, these franchised businesses are not all bad. Everyone falls victim to the expedited speed and easy access that larger companies can provide and some do it better than others. But what these companies can’t replicate is a history and connection to the communities that house them. Local businesses on the other hand, not only have tangible ties to the surrounding area and people, but more often than not, play a role in the formation and character of the city itself. Supporting these local businesses therefore is the most sustainable way to not only boost local economies but continue to provide these cities with the culture and personality that drive others to visit. 

Venice Beach, CA is the perfect example of how local businesses preserve the identity of the city. Every restaurant, clothing store, wellness shop and art gallery has a unique and colorful history, one that provides this idyllic neighborhood with the quirky character that people from all over the world flock to its streets to witness. There is no shortage of cool places to visit in Venice which can make it  hard for visitors to know where the can’t miss spots are. But don’t worry we got you covered!

Here is a list of some of our favorite spots in Venice that we have come to love, and we hope you will too:

Tony P’s

A forsure bucketlist stop: outdoor dining on Tony P’s brand new oceanfront patio. The sunset views overlooking the harbor are pure bliss, and a refreshing cocktail only adds to the splendor. This incredible award winning restaurant offers an exquisite menu that will definitely revitalize your taste buds and keep you coming back for more. Your sunset awaits you!

Modo Yoga LA

In recent years, yoga has gained traction in mainstream health culture. In case you’re wondering where to get your zen fix in the heart of LA,  Modo Yoga LA is surely the place to be! Modo Yoga LA has established itself as the best destination for hot yoga combining precision of therapeutic yoga and the foundations of traditional yoga in a specially heated room. 

James’ Beach

Famous for their Venice tacos, James’ Beach has a number of savory delicacies on their menu. With 24 years of experience with exceptional service to its customers, it’s no surprise that they have built a loyal clientele of American Comfort food and drink lovers.

Their Fried Chicken is an iconic menu starters, as well as their steak and seafood.

High Rooftop Lounge

Situated atop Hotel Erwin, High Rooftop Lounge boasts 360-degree views of Venice, from famed Muscle Beach and the Boardwalk below and to the Hollywood Sign and beyond. 

The rooftop’s sophisticated interior design and vibe shines through their exceptional service and drink menu topped with Southern California’s summer fresh ocean air.

With luxury vibes coming from this lounge, lovers of quality views and crafty cocktails, beers and exquisite wine are definitely attracted to High Rooftop Lounge.

Green Goddess Collective

With the best recreational and medical cannabis in Venice, Green Goddess Collective took the cannabis industry by storm. Apart from having well curated, quality products they constantly update their inventory in real time so you can always see what’s available. 

From flower and gape cartridges to extracts, edibles and topicals, Green Goddess Collective helps you find the perfect strains and products to achieve whichever goals you set for cannabis consumption.