The Best 8 Bike Trails in Los Angeles That We Love

LA has the perfect weather and terrain for cycling – but dealing with the traffic can be a nightmare. Sure, bike lanes are particularly handy, but wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy the ride without having to keep worrying about cars and crowds? Don’t fret – there are plenty of bike trails that you can head out to during your stay at Open Air Homes, and we’ll look at the 8 of our favorites.

New Millennium Trail

A favourite for experienced cyclists, the New Millennium Trail in Malibu Creek State Park is great for those looking for a challenge. While there’s minimal traffic and obstacles, the terrain features steep climbs, and you’ll need quite the skillset to navigate its tight switchbacks. The idyllic Calabasas views will make it worth your while.

Marvin Braude Bike Trail

Cycling along the ocean with the gulls calling out overhead and waves crashing in the distance is definitely therapeutic. This 22-mile bike trail stretches from Will Rogers State Beach to Torrance Beach, and offers you easy conditions for cycling. However, the bike path can get crowded during the weekends, especially at the Venice and Santa Monica points.

Topanga Creek Outpost Loop

Located 27 miles from Downtown LA, in Topanga State Park, this bike trails enable you to burn calories and enjoy spectacular views. Head to the Topanga Creak Outpost, then cycle the Deer Hill trail single track, hit the Mulholland Drive Fire Road, and take a moment to pause and gaze at the view of San Fernando Valley and ocean in the distance.  

Ken Burton Trail

This is a 14-mile loop in Angeles National Forest. Built purposefully for cycling by the Mt. Wilson Bicycling Association, it’s one of the most suited bike trails in LA. It’s near Downtown LA – a mere 15 miles, so it’s easy to access.

Elysian Park Trail

Given that the park roads are paved, you’ll get to enjoy your bike ride on smooth asphalt – but to be fair that will be the only easy part. The environment is hilly, meaning that by the end of it your legs may be burning from all that cycling effort. If you’re up for great exercise, then this is for you.  The views as you navigate through the hills will make the ride worth it. 

Griffith Park

One of the top urban parks around, the bike trials here will give you a good workout. You can start off easy by riding along the Crystal Springs Drive and the Zoo Drive, then kick things a notch higher with the Griffith Park Drive. If you want to push those calf muscles, then take a ride to the hills in the park. For instance, Mount Hollywood has lots of ridable paths that will get your heart pumping hard.

Mount Wilson

Test your limits by cycling to the top of Mount Wilson – a 4500 feet ascent. If you start out at the Angeles Crest Highway base and ride to the top, it will take you around 2-3 hours, and a spectacular view of LA will be waiting for you.

Backbone Trail

This trail in Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area has moderate difficulty, featuring a steady single-track, a couple of tight turns, and a thrilling ride between Will Rogers State Historic Park and Temescal Bridge.  

You don’t have to stay cooped up indoors. Despite the COVID pandemic, you can still safely enjoy the outdoors. Hop on your bike and enjoy a ride on these top LA bike trails, and snap some shots of the scenic views along the way.