Safety First- Keeping Up With CDC Sanitation Standards During The Covid-19 Pandemic

As restrictions begin to lift and business doors slowly swing open, people will undoubtedly seek out what they have been denied for so long – that summer getaway. With the freedom to travel finally restored in some areas of the country, thousands will begin to flock to warm waters of the coast, hoping to revive some glimmer of what summer is supposed to be. Whether we like it or not, this vacay will not be like the others. A new hurdle presents itself to travelers across the board. Last year may have been about finding that killer hotel and flight bundle, but this year it’s about ensuring your accommodations during COVID-19 are safe yet affordable. This is by no means an easy task, but Open Air Homes has arisen to the challenge and here’s how:

Open Air Homes has always been dedicated to our guests and their experience while staying with us.  Beyond our beautiful homes and around the clock service, we aim to provide the highest standards of sanitation at all our clean rental properties, ensuring that every guest can enjoy their stay with the piece of mind that everything they see and touch has been wiped, sprayed, brushed, scrubbed, and dried to the maximum degree!

In line with the CDC’s recommended standards for being safe while traveling during COVID-19, we have taken even more aggressive precautions to maintain a superior level of cleanliness, should you decide to stay with us. Want to know how? Here is what we are doing to stand out from other vacation rental properties:

What are we doing different?

We work with an incredible cleaning team

At Open Air Homes, we believe in not only hiring qualified support staff but also paying them a fair and livable wage. By fighting the economic strains brought about by the pandemic as a team, we are motivated now more than ever to enforce the strenuous extra cleaning guidelines

This means that you are guaranteed high quality cleaning results with spaces that not only look clean and smell fresh but are also as germ-free as possible. This is especially important for ensuring your safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

We use the best cleaning and sanitation products

In addition to a highly skilled staff ready to get the job done, we have stepped things up by using cleaning and sanitation products that are up to CDC standards. Not only are these products safe for you but they are safe for the environment too! We recently partnered with Public Goods to provide biodegradable and eco-friendly surface cleaners used for the different areas of our homes. These have been developed with plant-based formulas, and are safe for both the cleaning crew and guests checking in. Not to mention they follow our values of wellness, social responsibility, and environmental sustainability. So don’t worry, we have you covered!

No germs left behind

You have probably seen a lot of hotels in the news lately getting exposed for not cleaning common surfaces. This includes light sockets, safety keypads, crockery handles, counter surfaces, and more. At Open Air Homes, this is something that should never cross your mind as we have a “no germ left behind policy.” We clean everything from bare surfaces and upholstery to linens and shared items like remote controllers, incorporating EPA-approved disinfectants into our cleaning arsenal. Germs beware!

We provide personal sanitization products

In addition to the thorough cleaning, we will provide you with ways to keep yourself safe during COVID-19 while staying with us. This includes offering hand sanitizers to quickly disinfect your hands plus those of your fellow travelers, along with eco-friendly hand soap. It smells pretty good too we might add. 

Contact-free check-ins

We have always been huge fans of giving our clients the power and flexibility of self-check-in. This process has never proved its value more than now. During these times, we are determined to minimize contact and close proximity interaction as much as possible to assure safety and peace of mind for everyone involved in making your dream vacation a reality. 

We know this time can be stressful for travelers but we want to emphasize our committment to making our guests’ stay as care-free as possible. 

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