Selling Your Vacation Home

Selling your short term rental home? Our sister company OA Real Estate can manage the process for you.

Buying Your Next Home

By partnering with our real estate company, OA Real Estate, we can work together to help identify a home that fits you.

Open Air Design

Our In-House Interior Designer will make a list of suggestions to improve your home, making sure your rental property becomes fully realized.

Curated Local Experiences

We take pride in curating a list of suggestions for how to spend your time during your Southern California vacation.

Maintenance Program

The biggest oversight in the short term rental industry is the maintenance of your home. A home can quickly fall into disrepair without a plan.


Sanitization matters more than ever, and we take the cleaning of your home very seriously. We pay our incredible cleaners a fair and liveable wage.

24/7 Comms & Support Desk

Our highly-trained team addresses neighbor concerns in real-time and makes sure the guests in your home have everything they need, 24/7.

Marketing Your Home

Your home has unique characteristics that we will use in the marketing of your home. We are selling the beautiful Southern California lifestyle, an idea that is recognizable around the world.

Photo Shoot

The photos of your home are your most valuable asset to success in short term rentals, besides the home itself, and most normal real estate photos are not up to our standard.

Premium Amenities

We realize that every home in our portfolio is inherently unique by nature. While we love diverse experiences, having a standardized set of amenities go far beyond a normal rental.

Dynamic Pricing

By using a dynamic pricing tool similar to what hotels use, we make sure your house is always on the market at the highest possible rate.


Open Air Homes takes the hassle out of booking reservations by managing the whole process from start to finish.

Our Management Fee

We work on a two-tiered commission split. Our management fee hovers around 20%, depending on a number of factors about your home that we would be happy to discuss with you.

Complimentary Home Consultation

Our property inspectors will offer suggestions to get your home ready to rent short term. Whether or not you decide to partner with

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