Open Air Design - A collaboration with Interior Particulier



  • Attain an understanding of guest + homeowner needs specific to the home

  • Create a comprehensive list of recommended improvements

  • Provide a design proposal which includes an estimated budget


  • 20% design fee included into the budget 

  • Finalize budget with homeowners + sign contract

  • Source pieces and furniture for consideration based on list of recommended improvements


  • Schedule the installation of pieces and furniture around the home rental schedule

  • Work with contractors to ensure deadlines are met

  • Bring homeowner + designer’s vision to life

Design Matters

Our focus on California outdoor living through our
impeccably designed spaces is what continues to differentiate us. Our experience with short-term rentals allows us to carefully select products that we know work well for vacation properties. We see the design through the prism of making a home more noticeable, both in person and through marketing.

One Step Ahead

Good design is functional and celebrates the authenticity of the space

Our Team

We work with Interior Particulier, a Los Angeles based design studio that specializes in short term rental design. Our team of designers are equipped to assist with everything from a simple refresh to a full remodel. Read more about their approach to a project:

Before & After


The Best Showerhead for the Best Shower Experience
Safe Scents And Stress Relief - Diffusers To Smoothen The Mood
The Best Showerhead for the Best Shower Experience