Respect Your Neighbor

The Good Neighbor Commitment consists of agreeing to no loud noise or music after 10pm and group sizes limited to double the sleeping occupancy of the home at any given time. Guests commit to treating the home as if it were their own and above all to show respect to the neighborhood in which they are living temporarily.

Commit to Civility

We are committed to getting this right. Short term rentals don’t have another option, and we call on all booking platforms and fellow management companies to take proactive steps to create a brighter future for short term rentals.

24 Hour Communication

Open Air Homes now offers 24 hour a day communication with a live team member. By offering 24 hour a day communication with a live team member, we can address neighbor concerns in real time. Bringing peace of mind to our homeowners and neighbors alike.
If you are a neighbor of a home managed by Open Air Homes, login to our website, chat with our team member, and your concern about any violation of our good neighbor term will be dealt with immediately.

The long term viability of short term rentals depends on the entire industries commitment to being positive members of the community. This is the first step of many that Open Air Homes is planning to become a community leader in the cities in which we operate.

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