Digital Home Security For Vacation Rentals: Why It Matters

When renting out your home, you want to ensure that it remains secure even when you’re far – without interfering with the privacy of your guests. Hosts face a range of problems when dealing with keys, from arranging how they’ll get to your guests to worries about duplication or loss of keys. Digital locks with keypad entry come in handy here, since all you do is provide a code. However, they can do so much more, including notifying you when your guests sneak in extra people, making vacation rental management easier. 

Convenience For The Host – Because Your Time Is Precious

There’s so much hassle when following through the guest’s check-in and check-out process. This ranges from logistics of handling the keys, to your physical presence or that of a representative being required. But now, you can do it with a few taps on your phone. Simply turn to the Yale Assure Lock.

The Assure Lock gives you this remote control with the integrated August app allowing you to lock and unlock the door, customise the lock settings and share access to the guests you’re letting into your home. The August app allows you to do this from the comfort of your home, beach or office. That way you can still manage your property’s security from halfway across the world.  This gives your guests a smooth check-in and check-out process – and you don’t have to be there in person to see it through.

By doing away with the traditional cylinder lock mechanism, you also won’t have to worry about anyone picking your locks, and you can see whoever is accessing the door from anywhere. This particular lock is from Yale, the world-renowned brand providing locks since 1840 – and you don’t get to survive for that long in such a competitive industry unless you actually know what you’re doing.

Upgrading your setup

There are also homeowners with the older Yale Assure Locks installed – but now need to link it to the handy mobile app. While the previous lock designs gave you the benefits of touchscreen keypads and key-free deadbolts since there won’t be keys to lose or cylinders to pick, wouldn’t it be great if you had remote access?

You don’t have to haul out your current Assure Lock and install the new release to use it with the August app. Simply upgrade the current installation with the Yale Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Upgrade Kit, that comes complete with the August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge so you won’t need to get additional hubs.

Party Problems And Noise-Sensitive Neighbors

There’s always that risk. A guest checks into your vacation rental. Your house rules clearly indicate that no parties are allowed – yet you get a call in the middle of the night from your building manager or aggravated neighbors saying there are over a dozen people in your apartment, blasting music and disturbing the peace of the community. You don’t want to get into clashes with your neighbors or face fines due to noise disturbances.

Such issues can be frustrating, and are common problems facing short-term vacation rental units, creating friction between you, your guests, and even legal bodies. If only there was a way to detect immediately the noise levels exceed permissible levels That’s where monitoring devices like NoiseAware come in.

Think of a smoke detector – but this time for noise. The device keeps track of the decibel levels, and notifies you when things start getting out of hand. Through the NoiseAware app, you can check on your properties on the go, and the system will send you alerts through email or SMS should the levels go beyond the determined threshold. The alerts will come with a link to the Noise Risk Score graph of the particular property, that way you can evaluate it and decide whether or not you’ll contact your guests. The plug and play sensors don’t come with cameras or microphones, so your guests will not worry about their privacy being infringed.