8 Hiking Trails in Los Angeles That We Love Part II

Already exhausted our previous list? Or are you looking for more options to consider? Here’s another 8 of LA’s iconic trails that will make it worth your while:

Elysian Park Trail

Whether you want to get some exercise or enjoy the view, Elysian Park has got you covered. Breathtaking views as you hike to Eagle’s Point, the excitement that comes as you navigate the labyrinth, to challenging yourself on the West Ridge trail – there’s lots to engage you, making a trip here one of fun things to do in LA.

Griffith Park Trails

With plenty of terrains to cover, there’s something for everyone, beginners to pro hikers. With beautiful scenery all through, photographers particularly love it here. Grab those scenic shots at the Lands End Trail, work out those muscles as you climb to a 1,000 ft elevation, and check out the Batcave entrance at Bronson Caves section of Griffith Park, which was actually used in the 1960s Batman TV series. Pass by the Griffith observatory while here too.

The Brush Canyon Trail

Here, you get a sudden change in environment. In just a 10-minute walk from the bustling Hollywood Walk of Fame, you get to the remote and peaceful Brush Canyon Trail. With this gem, you get to enjoy views of the Bay and ocean, giving you a different experience depending on what time of day you’re here, from the dawn to dusk. Given that the trail is more of a steady incline all through to the top, it’s quite the workout for LA hikes. Bring some water with you and wear sunblock, especially on the warmer days since there’s not much shade.

Fern Dell Nature Trail

Bring the kids along on this trail. They’ll love the cute farm and do some exploring. There’s plenty of shade to relax under as you wander around the trail. Handrails and accessible walkways for those with baby strollers also feature here, meaning that you can bring along the entire family for some quality time.  The hike is relaxing, as you navigate through the serene paths and allow the gurgling sounds of the stream to take your mind off the hustle and bustle of the city. A couple of turtles will join you as they come out to bask in the sun, and there are some fish in the stream as well.

Trebek Open Space

It’s got views for days, the trail is not strenuous, you can bring along Fluffy for the walk as long as he’s on a leash, and parking is free! What’s not to love? This popular LA hike trail is part of the 62 acres of land donated by the famed “Jeopardy!” game show host Alex Trebek. From viewpoints for the Golden Gate Bridge and the Pacific Ocean, to the cool caves where the sound of the waves crashing will be therapeutic – it’s a favourite trail even for beginners.  Whether you want a good workout, take in the sights, or take a simple walk with the cargo ships and sailboats floating away in the distance, this is a great spot to do it from.

Hike Ernest E. Debs Regional Park

Bird watchers and pet owners particularly fancy it here, ranking it amongst the best hiking trails in Los Angeles. Check out the turtle pond, snap some shots of the different bird species while also taking in the views of downtown LA, and challenge your physique with the different elevations on the trail – with some areas almost reaching a 45-degree incline. 

Canyonback Trail

With beautiful wildflowers along the trail, tracks suitable for bikers and joggers alike, accessible all through the year, and manageable for all hiking skill levels, the 4.8 kilometer Canyonback Trail tends to see lots of traffic. It’s also one of the trails where dogs can be off-leash, just as long as they are in your direct supervision – especially at the Westridge-Canyonback Wilderness Park.

Glendale Peak Trail 

From being a top pick for running clubs, a training ground for professional cross-country runners, and providing a picturesque setting during sunrise and sunsets, this trail has a lot going for it. You get a great view of LA city, the iconic Hollywood sign and even the Griffith Observatory. The challenging inclines will come in handy in toning those leg muscles too. Given its popularity, you’ll find lots of people here on the weekends and holidays.